Tent Grow⛺️Wedding Cake (ILGM)

Hey folks! Temptation got the best of me and the tent is set back up again. This time around I have the full Fox Farm nutrient set. I have a filtered inline intake fan as well as a filtered AC Infinity Cloudline T4 for exhaust. Using Fox Farm Ocean Forest again and all R/O water. I do plan to add another Exhale co2 bag soon. We’re 3 weeks old today! Keeping the temps cool at night, around 73-75 during the day. Humidity sits around 50-55% with aid of my TaoTronics Humidifier. Also running an air purifier.

Wish me luck!


Sounds like you are ready to grow. Good luck! I am smoking some wedding cake right now, frosty and smooth… love it.


Looks great good luck.

I was looking at the feed chart I wouldn’t push the Ec as high has they recommend


I only measure pH. I have a TDS meter, never used it and have done little research.


TDS or ppm pretty much the same thing.

Ec it’s just a different way to measure your TDS. But same general idea.

I have never had good luck push my plants above 2.2 Ec and 90% of the time I don’t even go that high

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Forgot how many weeks they’ve been in veg for but they looked good to me so I’m flipping them tonight

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