Tent build ((white widow left (harvested), wedding gelato right (harvested))

Yeah you could benefit CO2 in AZ, nice and hot and dry.
Cool. I will watch for these next grows to see if it effects my decisions :slight_smile: cheers


I would start here let me ask you this

If you disable all exhaust fans and turn your light to 100% what does your temp climb too?


Hot! With my exhaust fan running and ambient at 75, my tent sits around 82-84.
If I’m going to do it, CO2 will only be viable in fall/winter.


I totally understand… trust me…lol

I pushing close to 1300 Watts in my 8 by 4 and heat is always a battle…

You need to figure out a way to control your heat without exhausting alot… You will drain your 20lb tanks in a couple days if you exhaust to much…

My current temp is really about 83 right now I need to raise my temp probe up. My goal is to avg 85 day temp


Well, another week in the books. Definitely screwed myself on the trimming of the left plant, but I’ll still get some decent buds. The plant on the right…:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m in love. The left highest cola is stacking nicely and I’ve learned a lot for the next grow. Definitely have to stay on top of trimming.


Nice nice nice. Those huge buds always make me nervous in drying stage. Looking great @FireGuy
They’re gonna be purty soon


Nervous…how so?


Bigger buds take longer to dry and a steady humidity to dry without mold. I have no idea why a sealed room can jump to such highs and lows in my place with nothing changing. My biggest buds was headbandt by Humboldt and each of those buds was like 4 to 6 regular buds. Took about 20% longer to dry. Longer time equals more chance of issues.
Those curing machines everyone is posting on here would be amazing as its self contained so im not losing a room. I have 2 grobos in the room atm with 1 in flower and one in veg…so the humidity is a concern but i run a tight schedule and look like im literally going to sneak through timewise.
Lows of 50 not so bad. But highs of 73 scare me. Mold is hard to cacth unless its quite advanced. I guess one of the reasons i hand trim vs machine. I get to inspect and see how each bud looks and formed. Sorta my own qc


P.s. i feel like your left one will give you more gram but maybe not thebag appeal youll get on the right one


Nice thing about here in AZ, steady 30ish% humidity in my house so my humidifier just builds it to where I want it. Definitely understand the “longer time to dry, more time for things to go wrong” though. Cannatrol is getting bought in July so it might be just in time for the dry and cure! I think I still have 4-5 weeks according to breeder flower time. Today is day 1 of week 5.


I agree :100: with this statement!


I live essentially directly north of you and have almost the exact weather. Only difference is we get snow and einter 8 months a year. My house humidity is 30 to 35. And with 2 humidifers running 24 / 7 i can maintain between 58 and 62 for most of the day. I dont know why it spikes. 25c all day at 60 rh and 26c and crashes to 50 or jumps to 70+
Roo. Is sealed. I check on it hourly as i have no outside monitoring tools


That’s crazy! Temp rise and humidity rise makes sense but not that high. The weird thing is the 50% on temp rise. I wish we had winter 8 months a year lol. This 110F+ week has been killing me!


Just read that Cannatrols won’t be shipping until August due to electrical component sourcing issues. :man_facepalming:

Yeah i dont understand either. But have kept it consistent for majority of time so not too worried as it corrects itself quite quickly in the small room

I just figured this out after scrolling through the thread again. My username was made from my job working with fire suppression systems for datacenters, not the fire we all hope for when growing…I feel dumb right now :man_facepalming:

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Just read this and i’m going to implement on this grow…I’m all about experiments!

Grower Trick: Blue Light for Higher Cannabinoids

Some growers have discovered a strange spectral trick to get higher terpene and cannabinoid levels. It goes against the natural seasonal light shift, but it can increase terpenes by a reported 50%.

At the end of flowering, in the final 3-7 days, growers return to a spectrum with lots of blue light. Sometimes, they switch bulbs from HPS back to MH (if their ballasts are compatible). Or — if they’re running tunable LEDs — they can simply change the settings on their controller.

It’s unclear why the change in spectrum — which would be unnatural outdoors — produces more terpenes. Some growers think that it’s a stress response because blue light has more energy than other wavelengths. Other growers wonder if the plants “think” they’re back in the vegetative phase and they push more growth as a response. It’s as though the blue light sparks growth, except the growth goes into the buds and overall terpene levels instead of foliage.

Either way, switching back to a bluish, vegetative-phase spectrum increases the quality of many varieties of cannabis. With more terpenes, the crop has a higher market value — and the grower has a higher reputation for producing high-quality product.


I’m with you on experiments. This is the key to growing top shelf… At work we always have test plants. We try on them first based on results is what we do to the balance. You have the right mind set for success. You have the drive!! I’m looking followed to see you results in the future Grows.


And cool to keep in black light tank setup too!

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This machine is the dream guys, set it and forget it. It dries, cures and holds. I have 5 oz curing right now for about a month. Will be ready by mid-July. The buds I pull from this are packed full of terps and the buds stick to any bags you put them in. The smell stays amazing and the process couldn’t be easier, seriously worth the money, no lie.