Temp & Humidity

Hey grow fam, I recently purchased a hygrometer. My readings inside the grobo are 84 degrees F & 45% humidity. Does that sound right? Thanks guys

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Yep, but you’re going to want to bump up that rh :+1::v:


I’d be worried about tripping overheat protection at 84F - does your light shut off at all during the day?

It’s a constant battle to keep mine below 75F which is where I think the overheat protection is, when it reaches that temp the lights shut off.

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Nah my Grobo gets over 100 in my garage and the light stays on. I’ve watched smartthings wattage meters compared over 95+ temps at the same point. My lights are on from 10am-10pm, because I’m not a smart person.

But, it’ll handle it.


I find that 100F without the lights turning off impossible. You just weren’t catching them turning off IMO. My lights go off at 84F like clockwork. It’s the single most frustrating thing about the Grobo.

I have seriously thought about putting a bigger/better heatsink on the light.

You’re probably right. I tend to misread the temp/humidity/motion/lux information and the power/wattage information while simultaneously misreading the digital thermometer in the box registering mid 90’s regularly, with the light on (like right now).

I find that your opinion is wrong IMO.

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