Temp and humidity calibration

Here’s a question that I’ve never seen the answer for. I currently right now have three different types of temperature and humidity devices inside my growing area all three of them give me a different values. Some of my products have the options to do a temperature and humidity offset to calibrate it to the correct reading. But this is the big question how do you know what the correct temperature and humidity is when you three devices giving you three different answers how does one properly calibrate these types of products?


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I have like 6 hygrometer and I use a process of elimination to get the values to calibrate my meross.

I put them all together and I pick the 2 or 3 with the closest values and calibrate in between.

Funny thing is I found that the cheap thermpro hygrometer is very accurate and consistent with my home AC climate controller

Then I retest them at different locations and compare the non calibrate vs calibrated ones

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@Mpower11 same here I usually just calculate the average for the three different temps.


Thanks :+1: makes sense

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