Tap Water Conditioner

Anyone have any opinions on using this in tap water? It gets rid of both chlorine & chloramine so assuming your ppm isn’t too high, tap water conditioned with this should be usable, no?



Honestly I don’t think it’s needed I use tap water all the time with grobo grows and tent and my plants havent suffered not have I experience any increase or decrease of yeild or quality with the different water


I think it depends where you live as to the qualify of the tap, some areas have very toxic water.


My concerns would be…
It doesn’t say whether its made without chemicals or an all natural product…

Its used to make water safe for fresh & salt water fish…

Preventing the chemicals that are used to make our drinking water safe, to make it safe for fish so that it doesn’t harm their gills and tissue…

Which makes it great for the fish but if a human is consuming it through growing/smoking would that be the healthiest option?

If that was the case why aren’t we just using boiled water?

Just my thoughts…


Yea my tap comes out 60 ppm and 7.5 ph … my area has really good tap water


Not mine…

Update on what I’ve learned: Camden tablets rid tap water of chlorine & chloramine and are typically used in brewing and wine making. They’re super cheap too.

I’ve been filling a 5 gallon bucket with my tap water (pH 7 PPM 40-45) and leaving it by my window where it can get some sun to break down the chlorine (the Chloramine is not removed with this method, however). After 24hrs-48hrs I then add Hydroguard. I time all this so that the Hydroguard bacteria has a week to grow before it’s time for a drain & fill. So basically I have 2 buckets set up - one “active” 5 gallon bucket being used to fill the grobo and one “inactive” 5 gallon bucket being used to let the Hydroguard sit.

With the Camden tablets, I’ll be able to get rid of the Chloramine and get more protection out of my Hydroguard. I’ve seen a youtube video where someone used vitamin C powder, but I didn’t find enough information to support that method.

Link to Camden tablets:



The hydro guard need the roots to survive and grow though … they latch on to roots using them as breeding and eating grounds

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Ohhh … so the bacteria is just dying out being in the buckets for a week? :anguished::flushed:

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I’m by far no scientist but if there is nothing there for them to consume then most will die in a result you would be wasting some money … I think you have a better chance if yoh wait and add to the water right when you feedj f your plant … like after you let chlorine evaporate and are about to feed


I’m going to do this with my next grow. Thanks for the info :pray:t3: