Taking a video of original air pump


I need a favor for those of you who have the original water pump on their Grobo. I had to swap out my original water pump due to failure. I noticed that a lot of water and possibly nutrients are on the underneath of the lid of the water tank. My pump is variable so I can turn it down. What I would like to do is see if I can get it down to the point of the original pump.

Could some of you take a short video of the tank with your pump on? Could you also show me the underside of the lid?

Many thanks.

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@pkroaster not trying to hijack your thread, but your question made me wonder if anyone know whether the air pump in the Grobo has a one way valve to prevent backflow if the air pump loses power? I had this happen to a small degree with my other set up, I noticed there was a small amount of backflow when I had my air pump lost power. I ended up elevating it above the reservoir high water line (not in my Grobo, but in my Niwa).

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It does not. This is what killed mine.

No back flow is the failure point on these from what I have observed.


Your hypothesis makes perfect sense, and such a simple/inexpensive fix. @Stephen, might the team consider utilizing one-way/anti-back flow valves for air pumps in future Grobo assembly?


I’m surprised they didn’t add one way valves, especially considering air pumps are notorious for having just that issue when they lose power.

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  • (Under the lid Photo doesn’t count after Germination):

  • (When you have the Roots to the Water and the Leaves are formed on your plant you Want the Water Droplets and The Water Level Dropped Significantly): [:point_down:] [:arrow_down:]

  • (This Prevents any [DampingOff]): (#ExactlyRight):


[ https://www.allgrowers.com/search?q=exactlyRight%20%20user%3Asilvergrobo ]


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