Switch to flower?

So I read that if you scrog you should turn to flower when your plant reaches the net because there will still be 2-3 weeks of more growth. My question is, I have a 3x3 grow tent with a 600 LED with 3 plants. 2 hydro and one dirt. The dirt one I didn’t top and haven’t trimmed. The hydro I’ve topped both and haven’t trimmed either, just letting grow. So is that true in my case or should I let my plants fill in a little and then switch? This is my first time growing and my hydro is twice as big. Not quite sure what to do here. I was just going to put a brick under the dirt bucket however, I still want to fill in my area as much as I can.


P.S. how high above plant would you put scrog in 3x3x72? Thanks again




Any answers would be better than mine… :wink::thinking::laughing:


Honestly it’s really up to you. When I Scrogged in my tent I let each branch hit the scrog then spread it all along the scrog until the secondary shoots reached the scrog then flipped to flower to keep everything even