Support Tickets [RESOLVED]

I was wondering if there has been a change in the way support tickets have been answered. When I have submitted a ticket in the past, I just attached a photo of the plant and gave a description of the problem. The ticket I submitted yesterday was followed up with a lot of questions before my data could be looked at.

β€œ1. Pictures of your plant with the photo mode enabled. (Hold the button on the back of the unit down for 2-3 seconds then release for photo mode)
2. A picture of your roots. Simply lift the lid a couple inches and snap a picture of the bottom of your coco pod.
3. What type of water are you using? RO, distilled, tap, other?
4. Have you made any modifications to the unit or environment? Added a chiller to your tank, humidifier to the room, etc?
5. Have you added any supplements to the reservoir? Hydroguard to fight root rot?
6. Have you adjusted your schedule at all? Shifted a stage, added more time to a stage?
7. Have you cleaned and calibrated your pH probe between grows?”

I do realize that the more information provided results in a better response. But it does make me wonder what all data the Grobo unit provides? Could there be other reasons for asking these questions? Has anyone else noticed this?


Hey @coffindancer,

That’s me my friend. With more and more growers coming online, it really helps to get a fuller picture right away, instead of going back and forth for days to get an idea of what is happening on the grower side.



Thank you!