Superroots air-pots

Ever try them? Pros and cons plz. Looking into them, but there is a lot of mixed reviews. I’ve never liked fabric pots.


Heard great things they really helps bring a lot of oxygen to the root system :facepunch:t4:

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I use 5 gallon Spring Pots in my 4X8 tent exclusively. They’re on their 10 grow so I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of them.


I’ve used them and still have a couple in rotation. I do notice they dry out quicker and need to be watered more often, but I’ve not noticed an increase in growth rate or yield. Actually had one die cause I missed watering it more than the others. Overall my feeling is meh…



Yeah, a lot of hype about them, but I’ve also heard that can be messy and difficult to water. Gonna give one a go next tent plant.


So as of today, with my comparison grow with air pot vs fabric pot. Air pot dries out very quickly. It’s an absolute must for me to water daily, root system is super healthy, and trunk is fairly thick. It can be tricky to water sometimes, but getting the hang of it. I’ve taken to using puppy pads to place under to catch runoff. Buds are beautiful, and stacking has really begun!

Fabric pot is much easier to water and although she does dry out fairly quickly, it not to the same extent as the air pot. She does retain water better. Trunk is definitely thicker, root system is definitely more pronounced. Buds grew taller on this plant so I had to super crop once. She is also definitely more frosty. I’ll wait for final weight, aesthetics, trich development, and of course potency.