🌿 🏗️Super Tall - Super Crop the top?

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I waited to long to top my plant. And its living it’s best life growing tall.

I’m 14/14 days into late vegetation. Should I super crop the top?

At what point should i’d be concerned that it’s getting to close to the light. :bulb:

Any other suggestion or feedback welcome!


Supercropping is in your near future my friend. She should have been in transition the moment she hit the second fan. Once you enter transition…she is gonna STRETCH much more. Did you extend your grow at all? What are you growing?


Thanks @FireGuy! It’s a hybrid called “rosè.” I grew it from a clone. For the Growbo recipe I selected “hybrid generic.”

Any tips on super cropping and when?

Also, how will the plant being super tall affect the yield or quality?


Check this out, if you need more help after just keep posting!!


That’s a big plant. I don’t mean this in any negative way. Really I think you should just start over. If you want to give it a try your only option is what everybody else suggested super cropping.

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Ahhhhh, being from clone makes a lot more sense as to why she’s too tall. I’ll prefaace this with “if this were my gorw”…I would go into transition…supercrop to the blue line. anything above it, bring it down, anything below, cut it off. :man_shrugging:

also, get rid of the lowest bud sites and branches that wont reach the canopy. See “example” below. maake the blue line your new canopy top with trimming lower branches and supercropping the ones aabove it.



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