Super Silver Haze by ILGM - First grow (from a seed)

I have a real late bloomer here and im a little concerned about whether I should be in the veg stage right now. She actually surfaced on the last day of germination. I figured since its summer and an actual heat wave in NorCal this week and im running hot anyway; having the fan on would be good and add to the cooling i already setup. Its hovering around 80 in the box and my water seems to be staying at 76ish. I have 2 fans on the lid facing up and one on the plant itself.

Day 10 (last day of germ)

Day 15 (5 of early veg) and water changing day. I was a little water logged earlier that week. I have no tap root yet, but there are newer leaves. The fill level dropped to the next lower float, should I let that happen at this point?

Later in the day I went back to add Hydroguard. I accidentally gave the lid a serious knock and she fell. Not completely, but enough for me to place a brace there to keep her from falling further. (Of course Amazon delivered the syringes I bought for adding supplements an hour later.)

Im assuming she fell because she did not have enough of a root to anchor her.
Should I be backing up in stages, or just adding water?

My tips for this week say this: You should have a nice small little plant, 3-4 sets of leaves and roots that extend down into the reservoir.
I am nowhere near that.


She can stay in as is. When she hits late vege, add as much time as you want. Shes trying!


Thanks @Todd.grobo.
I added water to get the bubbles hitting the bottom of the pod. She is looking a little taller today, and i was able to remove the toothpick without issue.


Post again soon! :eyes::seedling:

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Early Vegetation (Day 12 / 14)

Looks ok, but still no roots. Added Recharge and have been adding Hydrogaurd.
Grobo and water temps are high. bouncing around 82 air and 78 water.


thats normal. If you put the seed in the pod can take up to two weeks to break. But she will, pod looks a bit wet, maybe keep it above the line for a few days

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Late Vegetation (Day 5 / 14)

Slow growth. Took a peek at the roots, they are just coming out now, and it looks like the bottom of the pod was pretty wet. On top it was dry on the (mini) fan side, and damp on the other. I pushed the pod up.
The leaves are a little curly maybe, or just not stretching out yet? I think the brown spots are where the leaf was touching the pod, but the white ones just appeared.
Anything I need to be concerned about?
(Added Hydrogaurd and Recharge, temps 86 Hi air - 78 Hi water)

(full size Chihuahua for scale)


Help! - I have a problem with my plant.
My unit is screwed up in some way and it had filled my tank last week even though I was in late veg stage. I had not visually checked the levels on the week before’s fill, and found out during the drain today when I emptied an entire 2.5 gallon bucket out. When I filled it again it went all the way to the top.
I have a ticket in to support and I suspect this is related to my lights going out when it switched to late veg stage.

But the help I need from you growers is what, if anything, should I do to this plant? You might not see it in the pics but the stalk is strong and a little thick above the weak part you can see that is bent, but its still not really growing up straight - kinda out to the side.
Also - I extended late veg stage today, I assume I will be doing it again, but when do you know when to move forward?
I trimmed off the spotted leaves.

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Looks ok to me. Did you have dampening off

Ok, glad to hear that. I was worried dampening off was starting. Because of how it was brown and not strong at the base compared to above. And that was contributing to it falling over.
I went in and setup a better brace this morning. I was happy to see the pod seems to be drying out faster this time.
But I also got a better look at the underside and I see what looks like a topping split. It seems to be growing healthy above that split. I also see my seed husk there, and that could be what made it grow horizontal at the base?..
Could that be keeping it from getting as thick as it should be there?

Also: I felt I was using too much of bottles 2,3, and 4 so I started marking them 3 weeks ago. This week was completely different with 1-4, none got used. I did use the usual amount of bottle 5.


Is this a first grow with those bottles if so thats excessive nutrients used. Open a ticket for sure.

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Its actually my second grow.
I tried to transplant a clone for my first, but it suffered from dampening off. (Its doing great on my patio now.)
It used the bottles for 2 months.

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Id open a ticket just to get them to check. Dry and push the pod up a tad to dry out too


It turns out if you extend your schedule near the time that you drain and fill you can mess up the process of adding from the bottles. Something Grobo is fixing in the future.
I added missing bottles 3 & 4, and dropped the water levels manually. And now the roots are really growing and reaching down for it.

And Support says dampening off happened at the stem, but not at the roots.


Things seem to be going better. Even though I found a big bug locked in and munching on her!!

Support told me my water levels were supposed to be at the top and I should not keep manually lowering them after I had already done so last week. But it seems lowering them is what was needed at least for a week; the pod dried out, the roots stretched down, and now the plant has started growing up instead of sideways.

Even though support told me my water levels were supposed to be at the max, when I filled it this week it went to second float only. So I am hearing info from them that is conflicting with what the Grobo is doing. Any ideas why, or what could cause this?

I extended my late veg stage for the 2nd time today. I assume that was the right thing to do?
It seems almost time to do a topping clip; but she also seems to still be recovering, and the nodes i am counting are not branches - just leaves…

After doing some work.

3 days after I took these pics there are not any new brown spots and there is more growth.
Varmint was eradicated.

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She has recovered well from stem and grobo issues.
It’s day 36 of late veg.
I topped once.

Should I top again?
Should I trim more?


I’m growing the same seed and its an amazing plant.
I’m on day 72 and she already drank all of bottle 3-4 she does drink a lot.

If you are in late veg I would trim a bit before you get to flowering I was just removing new life growing on the bottom with no light. I didnt do much trimming…

Did you top it at the 5th node?

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I just topped it last week, the 2 topmost shoots are from that. I believe it was the 5th, but im not %100 sure. It was hard to tell.

Im on day 64, only a week behind you. She was a late bloomer and we had a couple issues in the beginning. She is strong; im glad I waited it out and did not start over.

I started off with half bottles; but yes, I already had to replace them!

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Getting ready to setup a screen. Am I ready for transition?