Super Silver Haze by ILGM - First grow (from a seed)

Is this a first grow with those bottles if so thats excessive nutrients used. Open a ticket for sure.

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Its actually my second grow.
I tried to transplant a clone for my first, but it suffered from dampening off. (Its doing great on my patio now.)
It used the bottles for 2 months.

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Id open a ticket just to get them to check. Dry and push the pod up a tad to dry out too


It turns out if you extend your schedule near the time that you drain and fill you can mess up the process of adding from the bottles. Something Grobo is fixing in the future.
I added missing bottles 3 & 4, and dropped the water levels manually. And now the roots are really growing and reaching down for it.

And Support says dampening off happened at the stem, but not at the roots.


Things seem to be going better. Even though I found a big bug locked in and munching on her!!

Support told me my water levels were supposed to be at the top and I should not keep manually lowering them after I had already done so last week. But it seems lowering them is what was needed at least for a week; the pod dried out, the roots stretched down, and now the plant has started growing up instead of sideways.

Even though support told me my water levels were supposed to be at the max, when I filled it this week it went to second float only. So I am hearing info from them that is conflicting with what the Grobo is doing. Any ideas why, or what could cause this?

I extended my late veg stage for the 2nd time today. I assume that was the right thing to do?
It seems almost time to do a topping clip; but she also seems to still be recovering, and the nodes i am counting are not branches - just leaves…

After doing some work.

3 days after I took these pics there are not any new brown spots and there is more growth.
Varmint was eradicated.

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  • (Extending [LateVeg] Until It Hits The Bottom Of The 2nd [:two:] Fan For Photoperiod Plants):



She has recovered well from stem and grobo issues.
It’s day 36 of late veg.
I topped once.

Should I top again?
Should I trim more?


I’m growing the same seed and its an amazing plant.
I’m on day 72 and she already drank all of bottle 3-4 she does drink a lot.

If you are in late veg I would trim a bit before you get to flowering I was just removing new life growing on the bottom with no light. I didnt do much trimming…

Did you top it at the 5th node?

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I just topped it last week, the 2 topmost shoots are from that. I believe it was the 5th, but im not %100 sure. It was hard to tell.

Im on day 64, only a week behind you. She was a late bloomer and we had a couple issues in the beginning. She is strong; im glad I waited it out and did not start over.

I started off with half bottles; but yes, I already had to replace them!

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Getting ready to setup a screen. Am I ready for transition?


Since my last plant got huge, I would probably flip into transition at this stage for sure to avoid it getting too big after the stretch. Looks good imo, I think you probably could if you wanted. Grobo recommends being to the 2nd fan before transition, it looks like the highest points of your plant are touching that level


Waiting for her to recover from adding screen, trimming, and a final top cut. Transition in 3 days…

…pretty sure leaf damage is only on leaves I tucked or bent.


Looks great!


That Screen must have took some doin :slightly_smiling_face:!!

Was the wait intentional or just a little late & its not the wire one that I’m Europe Waiting" for :thinking:??

Must say though that’s one nice looking grow m8 :wink:

Only hope my First born is goin down the same road :roll_eyes:!:wink:!..

Day 3/14


@Gmann - I found using magnets and gardening wires worked great to spread out the canopy before using the screen. (its a kitchen shelf attachment a lot of growers here use)
I was actually forced to wait to introduce the screen because my stem had dampened off and needed the wires to straighten out. That happened because my top float was not working properly. And because of that I was removing the plant a lot more often than I would have liked to check water levels. The screen would have made that harder.
Grobo support sorted me out with a new float and replacement directions the week before I was about to transition.
But I like the way it worked out, and I think ill do the same next time.
(except for the rot issue :wink:)


First week of Flowering. I added 1/3 amount recommended of Flower Stacker.

I had the Stacker left over from my patio potted plants. Decided to give it a try in the Grobo.


Awesome grow m8 :wink:
Only hope my First turns out so well :slightly_smiling_face:
Toying with doing my first top & maybe a small bottom trim but been advised to leave a little longer :wink:


@Gmann - Good advice. I think I saw that close up pic with your hand spreading out 2 fan leaves. I topped once when it look like that (the small node between your fingers) and it did not really work.
Search for topping cuts and you will see plenty of good examples and pics.

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Oh :hushed:!
Why ya think it didn’t work cuz it looks like it Did :wink::exploding_head::rofl:

Just having a chat with…

Really thinking about it :thinking:
Even though its my first grow apparently smell is a given yeah :thinking:??

Thanks for the feedback guys :wink:

Spose I better get my plastic out…Again :sob:!:wink:! Lol

I actually could really smell the plant for the first time when I was tucking leaves today.
So far I cant smell anything outside the box.

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