Super lemon haze harvest

Just harvested a few days ago. Super lemon haze sativa from ILGM.

I got about 49.6 grams of quality flower. This was my first time and I love the Grobo! And this community is awesome!


Great harvest man! Thank you for sharing the pics! I also have SLH from ILGM from the Sativa Mix Pack and plan on growing it at some point.

Any points for this particular strain in the Grobo? Looks like she went a little on the tall side like most sativas do.

Looking forward to the smoke report!


Really nice! Great job.


Man… She had some stretch on her. Looks good and super healthy… Nice job with her. I’m curious. What form of training did you use to get the stalk to split into three stalks like that? Or is that a natural growth occurrence?


thats normal. 3 means likely some were cut off. Most have 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, even numbers. Most of the time.

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It’s actually 4 stalks just hard to see in the pic. I topped her pretty early on and that gave the 4 main stalks.

She stretched a lot so I used green tie wire to bend them more horizontally so they wouldn’t touch the top of the Grobo and burn. I extended late veg by one week but regretted that decision because she stretched so much during transition stage. Ended up being fine tho and she stayed very healthy throughout the grow!


Oh ok… Gotcha. Yea…I was zooming in on that first pic but I couldn’t tell if that was a topped site in the center or if it was a naturally sealed piece of one of the stalks where you cut off a bud site or some new growth.

1 week extension huh. Crazy to see the plants natural abilities happen so much so fast. I’m really looking forward to that. I’m experimenting with “training” techniques myself. And that’s one thing I’m learning very quickly. And I’m not sure if it’s the flower, the unit, or the natural process. But the realization that this little plant can definitely take more than a “beginner” like me thinks it can. I keep hearing people say. “It’s a weed”… & “It wants to grow”. And so far… I’m surprised at the plants growth capabilities.

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Which recipe did you use for this grow?

Generic sativa recipe…added a week to late veg and flush stage

Thanks! This is likely my next grow.

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The super lemon haze stretched A LOT during transition phase to the point it was touching the top so I don’t think I would extend late veg looking back. Just my two cents. Good luck!!!

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