Stunted Growth

Hi guys,


  • Planted March 11
  • Day 22/28 Late Veg
  • Strain Type: Indica
  • ‘Argyle’ by Tweed
  • Topped week ago
  • Roots look good
  • Water change Saturday (April 25)
  • New growth is burned / red, plant is generally small.
  • Opened ticket April 28

Topped the plant 7 days ago, and she hasn’t grown larger, but new growth has been trying to spring from underneath (a result of the topping?).


  • Still looks very stunted for being planted March 11.
  • tips are red / brown on new growth.

Not sure what to do? I’ve completed a water change Saturday, and was thinking of doing some foliage trimming this week, something doesn’t seem right. Any input or suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


Looks perfectly normal to me. Add some grow time by say 2 weeks to your current cycle and youll be good.

What recipe did you choose and is your strain an Auto?

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I choose the Argyle Tweed recipe, it’s photo.


(See an issue on top, you can take a peek at the roots): (How do they look):? (Have you cleaned your probes):? (Your Nutrients bottles look like they have been used steadily):? :question:

((#PHprobe)): ((#PHsensor)):


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I replaced my pH probe and re calibrated on 20 days ago

Added root photos below:

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I noticed bottles 4 and 5 have never dispensed once

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Your roots dont look so hot. Open a ticket. Check your pinched cables from inside to out. If worried do a drain and fill every 2 days till support replies. It might assist your in not losing your plant if its serious.

How hot is the room
How hot do you think the water temperature is based on your room temperature
How many times do you look at the roots


Opened a ticket April 28th – waiting now.

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Apartment is about 74F (need to order temp sensor for grobo I suppose)

As roots have been a concern, I’ve probably looked 4-6 times in the last 3 days.

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Hey @drewcmpbll,

I do see a support ticket that you submitted last night, but nothing from the 27th. I’ll slide over to support and do a deep dive, but the 1st thing I notice in the pictures you shared is…

  1. Your plant is hungry, as it’s turning light green/yellow a bit.
  2. You do not have a water level sensor shield in place. Your roots are probably grabbbing your sensors, preventing the unit from dosing food properly.

I’ll respond in more detail over on your support ticket.



@Stephen Thanks always!

For those reading, I will update post-recovery with Stephen’s solution. :slight_smile:

  1. We’ve (now) added 10ml of bottle 5 (Cal/Mag) manually
  2. Ordering water shield.
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Hi All.

Drain / Fill and installed the shield yesterday. Let’s hope for the best!!!