Stunted growth or RUNT?

I’m on day 21 seems to me she should be a lot bigger by now compared to my first grow any ideas?


She seems small to me. Same strain?

California Orange bud never grown it before but the leaves seem awfully small compared to Girl Scout cookies

Could be genetics or just a slower grower. Plant looks healthy so those would be my guesses.

It seems a bit hot in there, whats the RH at?


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Sorry to say this but

If it was my plant I would cut your loss now and start over…

Here is a example of a small plant that is now 6 Months old

I sowed this plant in March it’s in full flower right now… Plant is so small and buds are looking very small also… I moved it outside and keep it going for fun.

This picture is about 3 weeks ago… It’s no taller now just more bud and less Fan leaves…