Stunted growth and yellowing


I have just opened a ticket with @Stephen but thought the AG crew could take a look too!

plant is not looking so hot! Really not sure what to do now.

  • Planted March 11

  • Replaced Air Stone week 3

  • Replaced ph probe week 5

  • Installed sensor shield last week

  • Topped her two weeks ago

I’m really lost. I did some leaf tucking to get more light to the bottom growth (probably wrong), and trimmed the dead fan leaves, and cleaned up the branches (careful NOT to remove critical fan leaves). Otherwise; I leave her be.

I guess I’m at the point where I’d be okay to abandon the plant. Another option, considered transplanting this to a soil pot and running a new grow.

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(Although [Hydro Guard], [Revive], [Recharge] will help your roots explode): (Apply all three to
save plant and Root System):

**(Hydroguard): from Botanicare to ward off any root rot concerns with the warm reservoir.






((#RootRotFix)): :adhesive_bandage:



(#RootRot): (Will feel [Slimy] to the touch): (Not quite sure to be honest if yours is or not):

((#SomeReads)): :open_book:(:eye:)



(This is Awesome New): (I’m Glad to Read This): :newspaper: :newspaper_roll: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkling_heart: :green_thumb:



@SilverGrobo appreciate your wise words Barbara. Along the lines of root rot, does this resemble what you’re suggesting?

image image image image


any update?


No root rot there!


@fuz here you go!

Things are turning around and she is surviving! I also had a poor ventilation setup with equally as poor humidity.

I purchased UC Root as well as Revive. I added the recommended amounts according to the instructions.

For those in Toronto, I picked up the products from Ozzys Hydroponics on Steeles.