Stuck on Drain / Fill

Hey growers,

So I’m almost ready to start my next plant in the Grobo and am just waiting for a part for my bucket system to arrive in the mail so that I can have the two grows started at the same time.

I powered my unit on to make sure everything was functioning as should and after filling the reservoir the water level sensor triggered the end of the fill cycle as expected. However, when I attempted to drain the reservoir a message popped up saying that the unit was still filling (it was not). I should also mention that the fill light did remain on though.

When I unplugged & restarted the Grobo it allowed me to execute the draining, but then it stayed stuck there like it did with the fill. I tried to “reset” the lights by changing the light schedule and I tried doing the drain / fill after selecting a recipe. Neither of those things worked.

Anyone have any suggestions or any experience with this problem? I’ve searched the topic on here, but haven’t found anything that works.


Is your unit up to date? Maybe just leave it unplugged for a couple mins and try it again. If it doesn’t work keep it plugged in and just send in a ticket so they can see where the error is occurring


Yeah I’m going to, it’s been unplugged for weeks outside of the checkup :weary:.


ive hadthis happen. Only fix for me was multiple power cycles


Would you say it was more than half a dozen times for you?

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My bottom float was causing exactly this issue.

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What was wrong with it?

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I had the same issue, try using a generic grow program when you fill it. For some reason the maintenance fill and empty are not working as intended. The word I got from support is the only way to drain and fill is while using a grow program.

Unplug your machine for about 30-90 seconds and plug it back in. Once is reconnects to your WiFi log back into the app and try running the drain and fill using one of the grow programs.

Forgot to mention, completely log out of the app as well and clear your browser history and then log back in.


It was just causing the same issue as you.

I did use a grow program. I tried a few :weary:

What’d you do to fix it?

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Did you turn or twist the sensors when cleaning the unit?

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Good call, @Todd.grobo they are a
Crucial and sensitive part of the system.

My lower level float was defective. It wasn’t sending a signal. So I replaced it.

I did, but I took a picture before removing them so that I can put them back exactly how they were.

Ahh I see!

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Sounds to me like you have gone through the self repair steps, submit a ticket if you haven’t already done so.

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I had this issue recently I believe it has something to do with the magnet and the drain hose try hanging the magnet back up on the wall and then draining again don’t quote me tho! It worked for me

I just received my Grobo and I ran into a similar issue. The only thing that helped to get out of the Fill / Drain mode was to powercycle the unit as @Todd.grobo mentioned. I was able to get my initial fill by terminating my recipe and starting a new grow recipe again.