Strawberry Kush CBD

Leaving your plant with no nutrients doesn’t help the ph levels adjust! You need to recalibrate your probe!
For what its going through your plant looks good! :eyes::seedling:


Hi @Bplatinum9

We did not have a choice. I was not going to hook up another couple bottles just so they could be sucked right back into the box.

Support emailed me today. They recommended that I hand-dose 15 ml of bottles 3, 4 and 5. I will do that tonight when I get home from work.

Nothing was said about recalibration yet. Yes, I assume when whatever it is that is wrong with the system is fixed, I will have to recalibrate yet again and do another drain and fill as well.

They said the team is looking into it and will let me know - soon I hope. I also learned that my bottom fan should have turned on by now as well. Ugh!

I really just want the Grobo to function as it should.


Hey @C453Y,

We want it to work as it should too! We’ve not seen this issue before and have escalated it to our software engineering team for further investigation. Will update you as soon as we have some insight into what’s happening with your system.




I Came home and added the 15 ml each of bottles 3, 4 and 5. The roots look pretty bad - brown and yucky.

Spun the unit around and was able to see that the fan was in fact not running. I unplugged the unit and waited a bit then plugged it back in. I saw and felt the fans kick on but once the system boot was complete the fan/s came to a stop.

We purchased this system because on the reviews and the notion that we would be able to grow my medicine in a relatively easy environment.

The plant really looks bad and I fear I’m gonna have to start over yet again - that is if the machine can get dialed in and function correctly.

I do appreciate that Support is working on it and trying to find a solution.


Day 17 - Early Vegetation (Day 7 / 14)

Well the hand-dosed nutrients we added last night seemed to help out for sure as the plant is looking better.

@Dani has been integral in keeping me calm and communicating what’s going on. I am hopeful that the Grobo team can get this system dialed in and in the process help with keeping our plant alive.


Day 19 - Early Vegetation (Day 9 / 14)

Support ticket ongoing.

Looking forward to getting the problems with this unit resolved.

Ordered Hydroguard as a preventative measure. Having some root discoloration and it may be a bit of root rot.

Ordered WIFI extender to rule out possible connectivity issues.


Day 21 - Early Vegetation (Day 11 / 14)


Glad You Held In There…
That New Growth Looks Good…:ok_hand:
Your Patience Will Pay Off!!


Day 23 - Early Vegetation (Day 13 / 14)

Support Ticket: Day 9

Started using Hydroguard on Saturday after weekly drain and fill.

Hand-dosed 15 ml of bottle 3, 4 and 5.

WIFI Extender bumped connectivity from 60% to 75%.

Overall, I wish the plant looked healthier - less wilted.


She Doin Well… I Would Cut Off The Wilted Leaves On The Bottom To Let The Lil Girl Work On New Growth. You’ll See A Positive Change.

Hello @KleanRipz - would you cut them off now at Day 23 or let her develop a bit more first?

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I Would Take Them Off Now… Just To Allow The Rest Of The Plant To Work On Developing. If You Are REALLY Worried About It; Take The Bottom Two Now Then The Next Two Tomorrow. You Should Be Good To Take All 4.

Support Ticket: Closed

WIFI connectivity was only reason given for bottles 3 and 4 completely dispensing at once. I guess bumping my connectivity from 60% to 75% did the trick. Seems strange to me but who am I to argue with software engineers.

Bottom fan IS running and they say that it is normal that the fans output is very minimal. Minimal enough that I can just barely feel the air coming through. My second fan is due to come on later today.

@Dani was great at communicating with me during the whole process and providing direction in keeping my plant alive while the software folks completed their investigation.

I assumed they would replace bottles 3 & 4 but to our surprise, the put a Grow Kit in the mail as compensation for this event. It’s nice to see that they back up their product with good support and service.

Saturday is the next scheduled drain and fill so that’s when the next nutrient dosing will happen. Keeping our fingers crossed that it is clear sailing from here till harvest!


@C453Y Glad They Took Care Of You!!


Day 25 - Late Vegetation (Day 1 / 14)

Second fan came on today.


Just be prepared to extend late veg. she’s not quite where she should be after the hiccups, but she’ll recover.


Day 26 - Late Vegetation (Day 2 / 14)

She’s not looking great today. She may be damping off.


Pod is a bit wet, but I don’t see damping off on the stalk. Maybe try pushing the pod up 1/4”-1/2” for now.


@C453Y What I Did At First Hints Of Damping Off, Is Push Up The Pod About An Inch, And CAREFULLY Cut About Half Inch Off The Top.
That Way It’s Not Sitting So Low And It Has A Chance To Dry A Bit.

@FireGuy & @KleanRipz

I pushed the pod up, probably a good 1/2 inch in hopes of getting it to dry out a bit and prevent any further damping off.