Strawberry Kush CBD - Gen 1

Day 22 - Early Vegetation (Day 11 / 14)


I’ll be interested in following this. I haven’t kept up with a CBD grow before. Actually growing the same strain in the leaded version right now

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It has become one of our favorites. Smells like Fruity Pebbles and Diesel. We’re excite to grow another batch!


Strawberry Kush CBD (from ILGM) is an Indica-dominant low THC strain with high levels of CBD. It’s a popular strain due to its berry taste and smell combined with a smooth high. These feminized seeds produce small, easy-to-grow plants that are perfect for beginners.

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Day 25 - Late Vegetation (Day 1 / 14)

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I noticed today that water level went back up to the highest level?

I’m in late vegetation. Shouldn’t it be at a lower level?

Thanks @SilverGrobo

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