Strains for testing

Some of the genetics I’m testing in the coming month…

Blue Dream Auto Fem (Humboldt Seed Org)
Blue Himalaya Autoflowering Fem (Shortstuff Seeds)
The Stones Regular Seeds (Mr Nice Seedbank)
Strawberry Amnesia Fem (Dinafem)
Green Crack Fem (BlimBurn Seeds)
Auto Bomb Fem (Bomb Seeds)
Sour Kush Fem (Canuk)
Orig. Amnesia Fem (Dinafem)

Which is your favorite?


I wish I could say I’ve tried any of these, but Green Crack and Sour Kush are on my list. Will you be posting pictures of all the above?




could you give us a list of strains already tested? Then I could see which strains from which breeders are missing in my opinion.




Several of these genetics are planned for ‘customer facing’ tests that you will get a peek at for sure! Our new marketing lead Joshua has plans for a photo booth to bring you better pics of what we are growing in house. Stay tuned…



Hi Stephen!

Forgive me if you’ve already told us… but have you tested an Pineapple Express seeds in the Grobo? I’ve been sitting on a PE seed for a while and wanted that to be my inaugural grow.

Additionally, if you have any recommendations for what an inaugural grow should be, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Thanks for keeping us in the look!

Hey SterlingNico,

Happy New Year!

Yes I’ve tested both the G13 Labs Pineapple Express and their Auto Pineapple Express. The auto finished with 1.6 oz and the fem with just over 2 oz. I didn’t play with them much, just let them grow out with some pruning at the bottom. No topping or super-cropping were performed. The nugs were absolutely coated in trichomes and I was quite pleased with the results. Definitely a good one to start with!


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@Stephen From your experience. Did you see much of a difference between potency? For example auto feminized vs feminized? Base on my research with Auto. U get a lesser yield and potency is a little less than Feminzed?


In my experience the autos have really caught up with the feminized strains in the last couple years. While I don’t test every strain that I harvest with our Lab, I can tell you that the autos I do test are seeing 15 - 21% THC, just like the feminized strains. I’m not able to control the height of autos at all, so sometimes the yield is lower.



Curious if you could update us with anything you were currently testing (photo’s, time lapse video, etc.) Any previous grow pictures or “grows gone wrong” would be fun and a nice learning experience for the AG community. Definitely something to look into in the future if you haven’t started recording/logging something like that!

If you can’t tell I’m excited to finally receive my Grobo! I haven’t yet decided what strain I will use for my first grow. Currently, I’m torn between a few different strains and my second obstacle is locating said stain. So if you wouldn’t mind I’m going to layout a scenario for you, let me know how you can guide me!


Bubba Kush
Blue Knight (having logistical issue here) seems to be extremely rare to locate real seeds.
Dj Short Blueberry
Island Sweet Skunk
Platinum OG
Sour Kush
Sour Diesel
Lemon Haze
Pineapple Express
Cherry Pie
Durban Poison

Alright, so with the list above and based off of your use with the Grobo, what would you have me buy and do you currently recommend any specific breeder and or seed bank to go to directly? Will Truenorth be the location you send us? If you could let me know what it was you achieved in terms of yield with any of the above in your tests overtime with the Grobo.

I know this was a lot, but trust me I will have much more as the time goes on and my Grobo is actually here with me! Looking forward to flooding this place! Thanks for the help!


Great advice Rich,

Checkout our Instagram page for grow pics and testing tidbits. I’m always blabbing to Sam about something cannabis related. You can see a flower getting burned and this month I played around with collecting male pollen, and dusting a couple select buds with it. I’ll post pics of the seeds as/if they develop. That’s the best place to actually see what’s up in the grow room.

For your second section, I’d recommend signing up with True North Seeds, as you will receive a one time 20% discount for your 1st order. Of the listed strains, I’ve tested the Canuk Sour Diesel, G13 Labs Pineapple Express and am just about to run HSO Amherst Sour Diesel. I had a run of three Durban Poison that had to suffer through pH probe testing and didn’t make it. (This was a successful test and helped to pick our final pH probe, even though the plants died.) Your yield will vary depending on your involvement, but I’m pulling between 1.5 and 2.5 oz in most tests.