Storing your grow

@Mpower11 @Todd.grobo
How long do you burb your jar’s?
I want to Store my grows. Is there a time that you can stop burbing your jar’s and just Store it.
I could probably get a book but you guys are pro Growers and I take your advice even when I’m not asking… I’ve never kept it and stored it before…

I wanna grow grow grow and then use it. I’ve read that the longer you cure it the better it gets.

Wondering if I’ll have to burn the whole time it’s being stored. I’ve got humidity packs iny jar’s and I’ve been burping on a regular.

Thanks Flintstoned


For the first week, I burp twice a day for 15 - 20 mins
For weeks 2-4, I burp once a day for 15-20 mins
For weeks 5-8, I burp once a week for 20-30 mins
After that, I don’t burp them anymore. Doesn’t last long enough to worry about :slight_smile:


But there will be a time I won’t have to…
Thank you @Todd.grobo your very much appreciated. Also I seen a tread saying Gaia is in the USA… I want it sooooo bad


I have some stored in CVaults with Boveda packs a long time. You can make it fresh many months if not longer.

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I have seen these storage containers made out of stainless steel called C-vaults they have a slot in the lid for a boveda pack which ever humidity level you prefer for long time storage, they are relatively inexpensive as well around $40-50 for a 2oz container. you would still have to burp early on like Todd mentioned.



I don’t mind burbing this is what I use with 62% packs.

They work great just got too keep covered and in a dark warm place.
Last year they were 89 for 12 lids now 130 on Amazon


That is what I have too, CVault. Works well.


I used to have one of these, I gave it to @Mpower11 who really liked it. Boveda pack goes directly under the lid. Keeps it sealed but only holds maybe 10-20g Good for a day trip.


They have a lot of sizes, this holds a few ounces and there are some much bigger. This one takes the size 67 Boveda packs. I think I have 2 in there.


Hey grower!

I am thinking about getting a set with small, medium and large sizes to be able to take with me what ever materials needed! thank you for the great info DogMan


I have kept finished buds fresh many month, maybe longer. I think a year once :grinning: or close to it and they were still sticky and nice. They say to add extra Boveda pack in it just in case. I have one in the lid part and one down below. I also keep in a cool dry place and open it once in a while to let it breath a little.


@Todd.grobo thanks again I use it all the time. I had to replace the boveda pack I think I open it to much. Actually considered more than once getting another one


Glad to hear. Maybe if we got the extra extra large i might have used it more. Design is solid.