Still saving to by a grobo

My two plants on my porch have looked really good up until this weak. They are 60 days from birth. They are on a southern facing porch, so they get plenty of sunlight. We are in South Carolina so we have had plenty of 90° days. I have been using bio grow nutrients. And the plants have really looked good up until now. Can anyone tell me what they think is going on with these leaves and should I be worried? Thank everyone so much. Will be buying a Grabo soon.image

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Here’s something to start with.


Someone with a bit more experience will help soon.

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A better close up picture of the Fan leafs would be helpful.

Could even be Ph swing

I thank

everyone for their help and responses. I feel my pH has been dead on 6.2 for all of my feedings. The only difference is on my last feeding I mixed up 2 gallons of nutrients and only fed a portion of it the first time and stored the mix nutrient the second time. Maybe that’s a no no.


Hey @Porchgrower

Here is a great reference for diagnosing and remedying almost all issues you can face when growing cannabis.

Plant Doctor - Diagnose Your Plants! | Grow Weed Easy

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Just a Tip here

I just want to let you know just because you feed at 6.2 doesn’t mean your 6.2 in the soil. Next time you water collect the first run off water you then can test what the Ph is then you know what your Ph in the soil is.

It maybe Manganese deficiency but I still think your overall Ph is off


Thank you

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