Starting to smell

The unit is not living up to the promise of no smells. Due to the sides having leaks you can smell the skunk of the plant in the room. Is there a way to fix it? I currently tape over the cracks but that hasn’t solve the problem; any suggestions?

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Unfortunately, the Grobo is not smell proof >< They kinda lead you on to thinking that when you first enter their website… but a quick search on the forums reveals that it doesn’t help at all really.

Here’s three solutions:

  1. @SWSVIC 's system (I currently use this, he has suggested a G-Hydro Carbon Filter instead of the one listed on this page. I’ve yet to enter flower so I can’t tell you it works well but he has said that with the doors closed it helps a ton):

  2. @KeefGreenLeef 's system:

  3. Using ONA Gel to try to suck up some of the smells… Available on Grobo’s site, but currently sold out… Can find on Amazon as well
    Ona Block Pro (6oz) | Odor Neutralizer – Grobo


Thanks for throwing this together!

I’ve got the @SWSVIC parts ready to go, just haven’t gotten around to installing (including the g hydro). I’ll be sure to tack my findings on to the rest

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If you want complete odor control, you can put your grobo inside a grow tent with the carbon filter setup. This should completely solve the odor as well as any light leak issues.


If I want d to do a tent I would have started with one. You would think that if they are going to advertise odorless then they would give us a odorless product.