Starting 2nd Grow - Opinions on these strains?

2nd Grobo grow about to start. Strain opinions? All are from ILGM. Kind of defaulted to MK Ultra, but figured I would get the opinions of the masses. No preferences on Sativa/Indica/Hybrid, just looking for thoughts from those that have experienced any of these.

  • Blue Dream
  • Purple Haze
  • MK Ultra
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Gold Leaf
  • Grand Daddy Purple
  • Purple Kush.

Thanks in advance to this fun community!


Awesome selections, looks like you purchased the Heavy Hitter and Purple packs.

I just finished a MK Ultra from ILGM and the genetics were :fire:

I have some opinions with the heavy hitter pack line as I am currently working with these and have been doing my research with these 3.

MK Ultra is average height, likes warmer weather and is known for its potent couch locking and KO effect however the odor is pretty dull, you are not smoking MK Ultra for its flavor for sure lol. I am currently curing this at the moment and it has a dull sweet gas and melon aroma, sort of like nail polish. I am sure the aroma will develop more as this is only day 3 of curing.

Blue Dream has a great aroma, very hazy and bubblegum. This one is pretty leggy and stretchy so be prepared to super crop or train it. I am currently growing this in my tent

Personally I love Gorilla Glue, great aroma of gas, citrus and spice, it is my daily smoke at the moment and also growing this at the moment. This one is also very stretchy and tall.

Indica Purple Packs you have are preferred for the Grobo however, since they are not as tall as the Hybrid Heavy Hitters pack.


Thank you so much for the response. I think I will take the “easier” route and go with the MK Ultra since this is my second grow, and in the Grobo. Not ready for stretchy plants while I am still growing.

I didn’t see a recipe for MK Ultra, am I missing it? If it is not there, can you share which one you used?



I used the Generic Hybrid recipe