Springtails in a Grobo?

So I noticed a bit of fluff mould on the coco pod top durning change over yesterday. I wiped it down, cut down in a bit and cleaned the area.

When I have this issue in my Vivariums, I just get more springtails and they go to town! But I’m not worried about EC in there so much.

What I am wondering is if I could throw some of my springtails in to munch it all down or will they throw off my nute balance to much in the coco? Will the fans just suck them up? Put them on the bottom of the coco instead to take care of any other issues that might arise?


That “growth”on the top of the coco pod is supposed to be there. It’s beneficial bacteria. Don’t worry about it. It’s all good :+1::v:

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That works for me!

But hypothetically, if I had an algae/mold bloom in my hydro system, Grobo or not, would they solve the problem?

That was a huge issue for me for my last attempt at growing; Just couldn’t get the temps down in my reservoir and would get nasty blooms.

Had the exact same problem! Res water too warm and as such created the perfect environment for root rot!! The only real solution to that is to connect a water chiller like I did:

The small one with Chinese writing on it lasted about a month! It was super accurate and worked great, but shit the bed right quick. I then bought an American made chiller and it has worked flawlessly thus far. Keep your res tamp at 18c or 64/65f. This will prevent root rot as the water is too cold to allow for bad bacteria or mold to propagate :+1::v:


Beauty roots @Osage! You solved this one eh?



Hey @Mattvontofu, some issues I found answers to when I was new to coco pods- Coco Pod- :+1:


A little rich for my blood right now!

Do you have to add extra water to your system to account for the hosing or am I over thinking this way to much?

You did get me on a idea track for my bigger system. Repurposed mini fridge with coiled hoses!

Now if I could only find a nano fridge for the Grobo!:rofl:

Thanks for the info @dew :clap: I actually remember reading that post before I got the system and didn’t panic because of it!

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Shit, you should see em now! It almost seems like she only wants to grow roots though :joy: slow grower in the unit, but the same strain with same nutes in soil is growing like a champ. Still getting used to hydro, but I gotta say soil is much more forgiving and easier by far, not to mention less expensive

Here is the progression of my root system:

You can definitely tell the difference with colder water. The roots come out like wires and grow quickly. They aren’t limp like before, super sturdy and white, branching everywhere


They look AWESOME!

I think I figured out a cheaper option of using a 4 can micro fridge with the coiled tubing inside and connected in like what you have going on. Plug the nute pump into a thermostat plug with a probe to monitor temps, and I should be at ~$100!

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I’d like to see that, throw some pics when you’re set to go please :+1::v:


All hypothetical, but should work the same!

I’ll definitely be picking up the goods next pay!

Thanks so much for the idea!


@Osage The GeekTeches went belly up?

No not belly up, just an inferior product. The connection where you plug in the power pack was loose and hanging at an angle! Then one day some roots got into the pump and the temp just started going up. Thought it was the pump but when I switched out the geektec for the ecoplus, I tried it out in a bucket and the pump was fine. Turns out it was the unit. Sending it back for refund. Not buying Chinese shit again unless I know they are reputable and have great customer service. Mars hydro does and I use their quantum board lights! They rock and are a good value

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@Osage I just got one. I had to modify the back panel just to get the hoses on the nipples

Not to mention the Chinese version of English is way bizarre :rofl:


Lived in and worked in Toronto all my life prior to retiring. I can say my Chinglish and Spanglish are top notch and I can speak and understand them quite well too, :joy:


Mines is the same way. My husband is not confident its gonna work. We are sending 3 back and keeping one for the grobo and then gonna build a rdwc. I gotta save up to get a chiller like @Osage hes my hero :raised_hands:


@Mcmanis Gonna keep mine for the Grobo that should ship this week :slightly_smiling_face: Then just let the chiller boogie till it pukes :face_vomiting:

That’s a world of difference from my roots!

Check under for the first time, other than a quick check on the hoses, there is a nice coating of nutes EVERYWHERE! The temp underneath is ~26.5 C, so I’m going to have to do the chiller route to get the crystal noodles you have there!