Spots and not looking so healthy?

got similar spots on the leaves (they are cleared away now) but the plant it self doesnt look healthy for me. And bottle number two is being used way more than others. Roots are white, nothing touching. did not do ph test yet. its day 27 of growth and if its going to suck second bottle like that all the time I think I will need one or two extra bottles. Is it normal??


I would do a PH test. It seems like maybe your PH sensor is bad which would cause the grobo to be adding more of bottle # 2.


Hey @Siuze,

1st spot I’d check is your airstone. When plants droop like this, they are often drowning. Do you see lots of bubbles? You can also put a ticket into our team by emailing and we can assist further.



I can see water bubbling normaly. And bottle nr2 level dropped few cm more during night. Can it be sensor problem?


Completely not normal submit a ticket :ticket: bottles 1 an 2 should be almost at the halfway point at the end of ur grow :+1:t2::dash::seedling:


Agree with @Choppo0816 that something is off and you should email support to have them take a look.

What type of water are you using? Tap, RO, Distilled? Do you check its pH and adjust it before adding to the Grobo? Are you using any additives?

Could you include closeup pictures of the main stalk? Especially where it enters into the pod. We can check for an issue called damping off, which I suspect.

Could you also include a pic of the roots and your water tank with the lid off?

Hang in there, we will try and get the plant back on course.


Did you removed the Ph sensor from its bottle when you first received your grobo… i had that problem until realized my mistake

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I do use distiled water all the time. Sensor is taken out from the transportation cup, it is installed as should be. I do not put any extra additives as grobo should handle all the growth by itself. (as I can see now it cant…)

I have changed water, let sensor do first adjustment for an hour. After that removed hose from bottle number 2 and plant started to recover imediatley.
So my main guess is that sensor is out of calibration… :frowning:

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No worries. I had this same issue at one point. I just had to recalibrate my ph sensor. My grobo was draining bottle #2 like crazy and it shouldn’t if you are adding normal distilled water. Did you calibrate yet?


No I did not calibrate yet, as I do not have ph7 and ph4 :frowning:


Definitely worth having some on hand. It’s cheap so I suggest you buy a bottle of both, not the single use ones. Those are a ripoff I think.

I also recommend getting a bottle of probe storage solution to keep your ph sensor nice and safe in between grows.