Space gorilla no recipe

I have a seed called space gorilla but there’s no recipe for it so I just looked up what the genetics are and I believe one of them was gorilla glue number 4 so that’s what I set my grow for I hope that’s okay any info please and thank you?


In this instance the Generic recipes are used by choosing (sativa, hybrid, Auto hybrid, or indica,).
So if you find that your plant is not doing well with this recipe you can have it changed to Generic.


Much appreciated!


Can I change the grow in the middle of a grow and how without messing up the grow time.

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Your grow time won’t be exact in most cases, you’ll find the recipes are a guideline and your plant is the one who tells you when its time to move on.
To change your recipe just submit a ticket to Stephen
( Submit a request – Grobo Help Center ) to have it adjusted, that way he will double check everything and make sure you have the best recipe for your strain, ph can be adjusted then too if need be.


Awesome…thx again!