Sous Vide Infuse method

Hell All
I been waiting for a Levo2 but I have a sous vide and Id like to Decarb and infuse with as I am tired of waiting lol. Does anyone use the Sous vide method and if so do you have a proven method you use for times and temps? Yes I have searched and read many but the times and temps are all over. Im guessing its not all that critical but if someone has a method Id like to hear your tips and results…


@Vicc has used Sous Vide for a few infusions! Hopefully he can point you in a good direction.


I thought I saw someone did, ok thanks!

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This is the sous vide decarb recipe I use, cook at 200f for 1 hour

After decarbing, pour the oils straight into the bag, reseal it, drop the water temp to 185f and cook for 2 to 4 hours.


Awesome Thank You.