Sour Kush - Smells yummy!

Day 34 and already quite dank! Topped node 5 on day 29, all leaves look healthy. Still cool in the Rocky Mountains where I live and water temp is 59-61F, air temp is 79F, roots look awesome, no sign of lower leaves turning yellow (yet). I started using Refresh on Day 29 and I believe Kushy stretched an inch the following day (love the product). Waiting for my bottle of Hydroguard if the water reservoir warms up to prevent root rot.

Some unit modifications that I plan to make;
I bought an aquarium heater with thermostat control I plan to retrofit before my next grow as I don’t want to disturb the plant too much (gets cold up here in the winter). Also waiting for a Mylivell aquarium oxygen pump to replace the noisy one that came with the unit.

Love this sight and find it very informative!



What’s Refresh?

My bad… Recharge. Must’ve been thinking about doing laundry :joy:



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