Sour Kush Hybrid

Everything has gone beautifully thus far. Should she not
be taller at 42 days?


Looks great to me. Each strain is different




(Do you have a [Photperiod] plant):? :question: (If so this puts you in [Transition] Missing the Extending Late Veg. to go for the stretch to the second fan): :thinking:


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I purchased a Feminised seed from Canuk. Hybrid Sour Kush.
Should I extend my grow?
If so when should I do this.
I did a major lollypop/ haircut.
Took out all the fan leaves.

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If she’s not around near the second fan then I would extend. At least try to get it to the bottom of then fan or as close before you let it go into transition. You can extend it any time you like. If I have a week left in veg and I see it’s going to take another week or two to grow then I just extend a bunch and just push to transition when I feel she’s ready