Sour Diesel ILGM (Canuk Growth option) 122 day

Haha I will for sure right now we are on day 3 of “please grow roots and sprout li’l baby bud leaf”, will be posting updates whenever she showin’ lmao :slight_smile:

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Harvest came out 41 grams. 1st week of curing down. We tried some out last night was a very good high. Just needs more time for better taste. Burned pretty clean :+1:


Here’s a little picture like stated she was just put into cocopod Wednesday afternoon. I will do a new post once she is actually out and showing sneak peek


Hi! How are the Parker seed bio domes? I bought the suggested size that you recommended but still have to wait to use it. Still on my first grow with GDP. Had to extend early vegetation as she seems to be a slow grower.


Welcome to AG @Ginseng!


Hi so far so good. First time using so hopefully all goes well. She was able to bust out of her shell and push up thru bio sponge. I will update a new post for pineapple express grow once 1st water change comes. Happy growing.


Yeah keep me posted Im having so much fun with this machine that I ordered a new one.
I ordered it and got it 3 days later! I couldn’t believe it!

anyways I will start a new thread once I decide what strain to plant I thought I would have more time but damn Grobo aint messing about!

I’m thinking a haze for my second grow.

@pha720 thanks for the warm welcome!


Nice look forward to watching your grows.



Its all setup now just waiting on the new seeds.
I could plant more SD but whats the fun in that.
For now I have it on these extra tiles incase i get any flooding but I’m going to
build a nice stand and eventually have them both hookup to an automatic drain and fill line.


Flower (Day 3/60) 8.17

Did a Fill with RO water temp was 76.1
Ph 8.5 PPM15

Temp 78 | Humidity 69


Clone update - They grew roots and are killing it I moved another one into its own bucket and the rest should follow soon!

Xena on the left and Liam on the right - ILGM Sour Diesel clones


-it’s really interesting after the transition period u haven’t seen hairs yet?
-roots look slightly brown, how does the Rez smell - with warm Rez temps- an additive like Hydroguard or Uc roots might help your Rez stay clear of bad bacteria and root pathogens

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So there is no smell at all and I took a few more detailed pictures.
The water temp was at 76.1 and I setup some fans to see if I can lower the temp because I’m trying to grow this plant completely dependent on the grobo unless we see something detrimental.

about the transition and hairs I have no idea… I’m on day 3/60 for the flowering do you think this is an issue? Should I put in a ticket?



Technically your plant is chilling even with the roots that color. Hopefully she stops stretching and u start seeing bud development. If u don’t see flowering in a week or 2 - send for support

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It looks like the grow lights aren’t on in a few of your pics:

Do you (often) open the door when the grow lights are off?

We shouldn’t disturb the plant while the lights are off, and if so try to make sure all the room lights are off and that there is not any other light shining into the unit.

I’m thinking that if the sleep schedule is being disturbed that could also be contributing to her not yet flowering, but that’s just a guess (if nothing else explains it).


Was going to mention this as well. :point_up_2:


When it switched over to Transition I noticed the light schedule changed and I was thinking the same that something went wrong with the lights. I come home late most days but during the weekend I checked it a few hours early and noticed the light was on but I will check again to make sure.

The grobo is kept in a dark room all day with another grobo and a tent. The grobo is also kept closed unless I need to do maintenance. Actually the only times its been opened is all the logs above.

8.13 Water Change - 8.14 Trim but with light - 8.17 (during sleep) did a Fill - 8.18 today took pictures of roots (during sleep). So I did 2 days in a row I will make sure to leave her alone. Should I avoid maintenance during sleep hours?

If you can help it, yes avoid maintenance during sleep hours. It can confuse the plant and cause problems if it is disturbed during that time too often.

If you do something immediately after lights-out that’s probably fine but I try not to make a habit of it. :slight_smile:


Flower (Day 5/60) 8.19

Water Change RO water temp was 76.1
Ph 7.8 PPM 13

Temp 77 | Humidity 70

I got the message on my phone to change water so I got home a little early to not wake her up during her slumber. The light were on when I got in and did the water change and once I closed it the light didn’t come back on so now I know when she goes to sleep.

She is still growing she is almost to the top stop now zimba!







looks like its barely using any nutrient #5


Flower (Day 9/60) 8.24

Water Fill RO water temp was 76.1
Ph 6.8 PPM 13

Temp 75 | Humidity 72

Zimba wont stop growing I did get a message from Grobo stating that I would not see buds till 2-4 weeks into flower. What can I do about her growing? I did get the magnets strings and I’m holding some of the branches so they dont grow anymore. The light is also burning some of the leaves.


Supercrop the ones getting close to the lights. Use tie downs to keep them away