Sour diesel grow complete!

So my first Grobo grow has now completed. I went with my favorite strain, NYC Sour Diesel and the results are exactly what I wanted. Sour is not usually a great yielder, but the light, fluffy, and crystal filled buds are exactly what I wanted. Final dried weight of 35 grams is not bad at all. Second grow (Zkittles) is underway!

And the first joint!


Awesome @tightt
Decent looking grow, better harvest than my first. I assume you learned a ton and are more confident going into your second grow now?
Thats some pretty decent looking bud hey. The first bud will be a bit harsh, but after you let it cure, thats going to be smoooooth.


I have done several grows in the past but this is my first Grobo grow and you’re correct…many lessons learned. With that said, it was a pretty easy grow! No big issues and, overall, very enjoyable. This bud has been dried for 7 days and been curing for about two weeks. I usually cure for a couple months but I HAD to test it out! I’m blown away. Super smooth and tastes insane. I couldn’t be happier. =)



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Nice work @tightt!

How many days did your sour diesel take? Do you remember what breeder you got the seeds from?

I’ve got an ILGM sour d growing but she’s growing at a snails pace!

Seeds came from Growers Choice. I extended veg by a week or two which proved to be a mistake as she shot up big time during flowering and required super cropping.


Oh shit. Hm. Maybe I’ll bump mine to transition and see what happens at the end of this late veg

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