Sorting strains in the App

The search function doesn’t work very well on my app. I put in a ticket with no response.

I want to search by BREEDER So I can buy seeds with recipe already in Grobo.

I also can’t even sort alphabetically!

It’s hard to use and seems it would be easy to fix.


Hello @jamestournas,
Are you using the app to go to the store? Then looking under seeds? If so its because once you click on seeds the website that pops up when choosing a seed company doesn’t belong to grobo its the seed companies website.
If your using the recipes to find seeds by a breeder you have to put in the name of the breeder first, like Garden of Green or Canuk seeds.
Hope this helps!
P.s. If your still stuck refresh your browser and let us know!


This is an issue with the different interfaces between App and Website. Using the website you can easily search recipes by breeder or other keyword like Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid for example. You can’t do this using the App version.

Using the App’s recipe search feature it only looks at the name of the strains when searching. It disregards the breeder name field and strain type (eg sat, ind, hyb).

Personally I like the website based experience more than the app. Tagging @bruno


The computer is definitely much better. I still think the App should do it too, it’s just a database sort for goodness sakes.


Does Grobo sell seeds? If so can anyone buy them?

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Unfortunately they do not!
They do have a list of recommended companies that can try. :eyes::seedling:


It seems like all the seed Co. Are closed. I’ve got a place it just takes so long to get them.

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Closed? I use seedsman.
Havent bought any seeds in thirty days though. :eyes::seedling:

Growers Choice Seed Bank… called them yesterday
Tired of waiting a half grow sycle for seeds.
I placed my order