Sorry everyone

Well I’ve been really busy doing my job and growing. My OGBB’S are getting fuzzy and too the top. I keep having to put clips on my Top’s so they’re not too close and my Critical Purple Autoflower is flowering too… I’ll be taking some pictures too in the am when I get home.
Here’s my latest video. See how crazy it is. And it’s even taller now. I’ve got a monster in my grow room lol

I just got done with this video…


crazy man. She is huge.
do you provide any additional support at this stage? Some of those branches are leaning at 50 degrees,. Crazy! This setup is insane, but love it. Love seeing when plants respond really well to their environment.

Whats on top of your light panel in the bag? Wood chips?

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Co2 bag I’ve got one in each room.
And when they get too close to the lamps I’ve been putting supercroping clips to bend them over with minimal Stress


I grow all organic. Pest are more likely to show up when you use real nature. Bat Guano peet moss seaweed fishguts molasses.
I’ve got ALL the nutrients in bottles and super dirt that is just watering with water from seedling too flower.