Something different. "Bonsai cabinet"

First post here sorry if its misplaced.

This is what I got it’s 4lx3hx2d and it’s been running for around 10 months now with my shitty “300w”. It’s definitely a lot to look at if you havent seen it before and people seem to love it but theres one thing I cant stand about it…
My trees all look horrible.
The “burple” light just doesnt work for what I’m doing so I’ve decided to go with the old standby aka cxb3590’s. My issue here is I want them to be mounted basically in the roof of the thing that’s 2 feet above my canopy. How many crees and how can I focus them 2’ down without losing intensity?
Or is my answer to just throw more cobs at it?
I also like the idea of supplementing uv/it as far as I’m aware these work with the immune systems of the plants right? Trees live long lives I want them to have a strong immune system to do that.
So will the small 3-10w diodes make it the 2’ distance as well?

The build is still in the idea phase and really only started for my brazilian rain tree now its turned into this so please dont judge it too much I know it’s a fairly broken system.


I’d throw a 1000w full spectrum light at that height. Get a decent brand that also allows for daisy chaining, so if you need more or want to add supplement lighting you can do so easily.

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Also the light you are running is mostly in the veg spectrum. I see a switch, does that unit have a switch for veg and a different switch for bloom? If so are they both on? If not turn them both on. If not , then that light is primarily for veg. Also the footprint of that light isn’t enough for all your plants as I see those on the edges trying to reach the light. Just a few other observations. :+1::v:

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