Some picks from my Growroom

My Critical Purple Autoflower mmmmm looking good… The smell mmmmm
Purple Rain

I just wish I knew it was a pheno because it would have been grown way different. But I got 8 beautiful clones and I will be making another Trellis too weave from one side to the other…
Should be cool… Tip The Pot Method…


Just a few pics. Getting a video together now

How much wattage you running in the tent

720 and 680 and in my outoflower tent 420 but it amounts too 1000w for both in my flower room but my 420 is like 620w all full spectrum rank red in best LED’s


How far into flower? If I had to guess I’m saying your starting week 2, maybe week 3? It would be easier to track if all your grow posts were in one instead of spread out 1 by 1.