Some Feedback - Not Impressed

trust me I have. and frankly I’m tired of dealing with them. they tell me to move my unit in a colder room. so frustrating. anyway I’m not looking for answers at this point I want the truth to come out about this product. it sucks.

Trust me I have. And frankly I’m tired of dealing with them

This is a real bummer for sure. I can’t imagine 2.5 years and still no harvests yet? Not one?

I am also very surprised - as a new grower, only on my first grow and having experienced a handful of problems myself so far, I found Support to be very attentive and a good resource in getting my grow dialed in. It’s still a learning game for me so I rely on their expertise.

I also find that the majority of people in the AllGrowers forum are a good resource too and have nothing but good intentions.

It’s really unfortunate that this was not your experience.



I have gotten product. I’m just saying the runs are anything from smooth. The machine is faulty. And it seems like it’s bc it’s them controlling everything from their end.

What have they said regarding a possible Full Refund :thinking:

After 2+ years I wouldn’t refund.

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Not Now no :wink:!!

Hey @Pete,

I’ve been chatting with the support team about your case today. Your unit is experiencing an overheat condition and shutting down for safety. We will not remove this safety feature as you requested.

The unit will need to be kept in a controlled environment to work properly, and 26 degrees Celsius is right on the border of being too hot. This is not the grow chamber we are looking at, it’s the temperature of your LED light that we are concerned with.

I understand your frustration, but I’ve removed your other post expressing said frustration, as it contained inappropriate language. Feel free to remove that and you can post it again.

I know our hardware team is reviewing the video you sent to see if your cross flow fan has slowed down, needs cleaning or has failed after 2.5 years, but we have to take that temp down in the room you have the unit in to start our troubleshooting. You’ve indicated that you are unwilling to do this, so our support is limited.