Soil Ph Question

I have a couple plants in my pots in flower. I have been testing my leach Ph is was around 5.8 the last 3 watering I have watered them (Feed water) with a PH 6.8 to 7.2 to try to bring it up. Right now my leach ph is 6.0 from the pot. I normal feed about 2 L extra after the pot starts to drain. I didn’t want to do a full flush because I didn’t want to stress the plant out in flower(but maybe I should). Looking for some tips to get the PH up in the pot? Is the answer to water my plants next time at say a PH of 8? Not really sure what to try next.


Has your soil run out of nutes ?

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Last nights leach / Ec was reads was

Also I keep having Fan Leafs dying (turning yellow) I just can’t seem to make this plant happy been a ongoing problem

The other plant in the tent getting the same feed / light looks great with no problems

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I would feed less nutes and ph to 6.5 prior to watering. At this point I would flush her good and then also add cal/mag at 1/4 what the bottle says and up it from there. Also get rid of the offending leaves so you can read her with a clean slate. :+1::v:


Yea listen to @Osage he grows in soil I’m in coco … my advice switch to coco much easier in my opinion takes out the guess work


And agreed, which is also why I’m switching over :joy::joy:! But the advice I’ve provided above is sound :+1::v:


I’m sorry I’m not sure I understand correctly

Do you mean

  1. Flush plant with ph water at 6.5
  2. Add cal/Mag 1/4 strength
  3. remove bad leaves
    Next water slowly add Nutes
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Well…yes I think. What I would do is first flush the plant with 6.0 ph’d ro water, a couple few gallons until it shows 6.0 in run off. Then I would feed with 6.5 ph’d ro water After adding 1/4 strength calmag. Wait till next watering, drop down the amount of nutes you added previous with 1/4 calmag. Add revive if you have it at 1ml/ltr for reg feeding. Hope that clarifies things. If not dm me and I’ll try to articulate better. Meds are working well now so…:+1::v: