Soil ph issues

I have an issue with my outdoor grow. The pH is super low and cannot figure out how to correct it. I’ve tried pH up after I flushed it with 15 gallons of water. My tap is around 6.8 and it’s in a 5 gallon pot. The water coming out is at or below a pH of 5 it’s gone down to 4.6 which is crazy. I have flawless finish would I be able to use that to break everything up? How much? My autos didn’t have this problem but this sativa have been going since may.


Yes move it to a bigger pot


You’ll need to flush with pH water around the same amount of water as your pot size so say 5 gallons at high pH 6.8 and check the run off until it gets to at least 5.6 at the min and your plant will start to recover from any nute lock that is kicking in and monitor.

I can’t tell what soil you use but it looks like a FoxFarm, ProMix or similar product. I got hit on one of my plants once I was feeding it 6.0pH water but didn’t account for the pH adjuster in the soil. Next thing I started getting leaf yellowing and checked the run off was at 5.0! I was suffering nute lockout.

  • Dolomitic & calcitic limestone (pH adjuster)

Current plant pH was fixed and is happily flowering now. :herb:


Finally got pH to a good level. Been coming out at 5.6 to 5.8 all week. Never had yellow leaves just dark tips and edges. Used flawless finish for the second flush and let it sit overnight then flushed with water all day everytime I went outside. It’s the foxfarm ocean Forest and i should have done a flush a long time ago, soil is soaking water in again. I added nutrients a few days later and no new damaged leaves just gotta continue cleaning it up but dont want to trim to much. Thanks @Azuri