Soil growers!

Pretty sure you can use it with soil. We used it as part of a foliar spray for our produce when I was growing up on our farm.

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Good to know… hate to advise when you’re not sure!


I am trying to find a source that confirms just to be sure. I don’t particularly like relying on memories from well over 30 years ago. But having said that, from what I have found, most nutrients used in hydro can be added to soil. Not to mention Revive is one of the few things that is added ml/L and not ml/Gal, so it isn’t overly concentrated.

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I will water again tommorrow. I will test it then and provide update then.


She has really began to spread her wings since I changed water I was using and added the nutrients u suggested.


That’s promising… her holiday glow!!! If you feel your plant is ever sick or over nutes for any reason, flush out with your purified and then ph again and start from scratch. Again use the distilled for your final flush stage before harvest. Also, after you ph the distilled water place your jug in a warm pot of water. Warm water breaks down the saline faster in your plants.


I am seeing a lot of posts about hydro nutes being used in soil with companies like GH and Fox Farm saying they are safe to use. Not sure of the dosing though.

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I am preparing to water. Will be testing leach water. I will update u with #’s. I am going to throw in a little vitamin supplementation and some cal mag supplementation. Is that going to affect my #’s? From my understanding calcium will help stabilize ph. Not sure correct me if I am wrong or u have some insight.


Ph of water prior to watering 6.4 and ec at 0.
Leach water was at ph 7.2 and ec @0.6. @Mpower11 @buzzy6


Yes cal/mag will make a buffer for your ph

How much water did you flush them with? Did you drop the ph below 7.2? And what ph did you feed at?

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Water was ph to 6.4. Leach water was at 7.2 after watering. I watered with one gallon which gives me about 20% runoff. . I didn’t flush the soil. If I need to do that I will do it with next water cycle which will probably be Sunday. I did supplement with cal/mag and vitamins. If it needs to be flushed do I just ph water plain and water them and then turn around and water with nutrients? Any input is much appreciated. Still new at soil growing. @Mpower11 @buzzy6

I would wait till next feed cycle after flush… don’t want too much water for fear of root rot I would think.

Sunday is when I normally dose nutrients. Not sure I am fully following. @buzzy6

Should I just flush on Sunday and dose nutrients second watering of week? @buzzy6

Sorry I miss read your post. You hadn’t flushed yet… don’t feed and flush the damage day. Feed a couple days after. Don’t want too much water on your plants, if that makes sense.

Ok got it! When flushing what do u pH water to? @buzzy6

Anything you add to your water will affect your EC. depending on the product if it affect the pH. I thought you were using house in gardens lineup I’m not too familiar with the supplements that you are adding that doesn’t mean that they are wrong just I’m not familiar with it.

It doesn’t appear that you need to flush your soil your pH is a little on the high side at 7.2 in soil you want to stay between 6 to 7

My next watering whether it’s nutes or water I recommend You feed a ph of 6.2. You need to bring down your pH so you don’t get a nute lock out that is quite possibly why some of your leaves showed nutrient deficiency at those high pH levels your plant was not able to absorb all the nutrients needed.

For soil if I was going to flush I would in a perfect world use Ro water at 6.5… I would use as much water as it would take to drop the Ec to anything below 0.3 and ph 6.5 then I would at the same time add a low dose of nutes Ec 1.0 Ph 6.5…

Now your reset back in balance but Yes this stresses the plant

The above recommendation like I said is how I would do it you’re going to find many people that disagree with my steps but I can just share my personal experience and what works best for me.

If you were able to collect your first runoff leach water every time you water you’ll always know roughly where your soil ‘s at and this is how you can tweak your growing by knowing not what the schedule says what’s the plant says. The next time you water or mix nutes you know if you’re going to increase your EC or decrease you know what you’re going to increase your pH or decrease your pH. Plus after doing it for long enough you’ll learn to read the plant not even need to collect your Leach water and you know where your at because you always get to look at how your plant looks at that EC/pH level and then after enough grows you can tell by looking at the plant what is lacking. Now this is not saying that temperature plays a rule and the biggest factor and most important is humidity but that’s a totally different topic for another day.

On a sidenote you should look into or consider switching your media to Coco over soil much more control, hard to overwater, less chance of Bugs and more…


I have got temp under control 75-79 degrees Fahrenheit with lights on. Working on humidity control. I am waiting on finishing pieces to finish fully automating my humidity. VPD is 1.0-1.2 which is optimal from what I am understanding for vegetative growth. I really appreciate your insight. I will commence flushing on Sunday.

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So sorry I crashed last night…old, disable, and not well… have a tendency to crash early! Yeah you ph the water to the same parameters 5.5-6.5. Good luck. I’ve even heard some growers do a nute flush, but that sounds a little risky to me.

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Just out of interest what is your plan to automate this?

Correct I target 1.2 for Veg and 1.5 for Flower

Unless you think your nutes are off balance I don’t think you need to flush just you need to get your Ph in Range… Feeding around 6.2 will / should drop your Ph into range