Soil Grow - Plant in distress

Anyone have any ideas what is wrong with my plant?

My other plants that has been in the same environment and received the same overall treatment are looking fine.

Grateful for any suggestions on what I should do.

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Hi @Kimajo,

We need a bit more information to properly diagnose:
-What nutrients are you feeding it?
-What type of light are you using? How far is the plant from the light?
-Are you adjusting the pH of the water before you feed it?
-How often are you watering/feeding your plant?
-Have you checked for pests yet?



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Hi @Chris and thanks for your reply!

What nutrients are you feeding it?

  • Biobizz Bio-Grow (First feeding was 3 days ago)

What type of light are you using? How far is the plant from the light?

  • Kingbo 50W LED
  • At the moment the conopy is 38cm (15 inch) from the lightsource

Are you adjusting the pH of the water before you feed it?

  • I have never adjusted pH (previous grows has been fine with the tapwater I am using)

How often are you watering/feeding your plant?

  • About 2 times a week

Have you checked for pests yet?

  • I have inspected the plan with a jewelers loupe and I could not identify any pests (but to be honest I am not quite sure how pest looks like)

Below is a pic of the grow environment.



Hi @Kimajo,

Honestly, looking at your plant it looks to be nutrient deficient. I’m going to ask @Azuri or @Stephen to help me out on this one as their years of experience growing trumps my own.

I can provide some handy references and some insight. What you’re most likely dealing with here looks to be a manganese deficiency:

However, I would recommend going through each one of these and seeing which symptoms are most prominent with your girl

Looking at your nutes I’ve noticed that they’re organic. How are you prepping them? The cultures take time to activate and need to develop in the water you’d be feeding it for a few days if I’m not mistaken. What does the nutrient supplier recommend you do on the bottle?

Organic nutrients, overall, are a bit trickier to dial in than their synthetic counterparts

Hope this helps,



Hey @Kimajo

Agreed, it looks closer to a magnesium deficiency but could be a pH issue possibly as well. @Osage is more familiarized with soil grows he might be able to chime in.


Ok I’ll chime in. First, 50 Watts is not much when it comes down to it. Second I see the soil is quite dry. Third you mentioned not ever ph’ing, my opinion is that is a huge mistake, especially with tap water. There are minerals and other additives in tap water such as fluoride which are not good for your plant. Light should be lower, and at least 200 watt. Put your hand just above the plant and if it’s too cold lower your light. They’re led’s and don’t generate much heat. Also feed her with some calmag as she is deficient. First things first though. Always ph your water!!! In soil I go for 6.3-6.6 . And what is your humidity at? Temp at? Let me know and I’ll help best I can. Oh and just because your tap water worked before doesn’t mean the county hasn’t added anything in. Use reverse osmosis water because you start with a “clean slate” but you still need to ph it.


After 3 pm my time I’ll show you a pic of my setup. My little girl is sleeping right now.

Oh and to piggyback on what Chris said, what soil are you using? That’s some important info.

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And Chris is right on about your organic nutes. If you’re using a soil with mycorrhizae then that could pose problems as it needs a sweetener to activate, which is why many growers use molasses.

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Ok so here is my setup with my stretchy girl. And yes she is an indica.


Here’s a pic of my led ufo and how much it cost. Works great, very low electricity cost.


I just want to say one more thing and I’ll shut up. Your ufo led is super red/pink. This spectrum is typically for flowering. Yes we can and do use it for veg(ie; full spectrum lighting), but if that led was meant for flowering then you are losing out on the blue and green spectrum which was s optimal for veg. That may also be contributing to your plants overall health. It’s nuances like these that really make a difference. How many grows have you done with this light and the way you typically grow? Ie never ph’ing your tap water? I would think they (the Chinese in this case as I do believe you got that light from China) would understand that a 50 watt light wouldn’t do all that much during bloom. That said I’ve seen lots of scams for led grow lights on eBay from China just for the profit taking.

Hi rouleauj,

You are totaly right! First thing this week I am getting started with my Bluelab pH pen :slight_smile:

For the light I am afraid my setup is quite small and any higher wattage will make it temp rise to high.
My humidity is at around 40 - 45% and from what I have read that is OK levels in veg.

Many thanks for taking the time to hand me some solid suggestions!

I think the soil might be a contributing factor (Just hit me) I usually grow with Plagron light mix but for this grow I used some unknown soilmix I found at my local market. Perhaps I should do a repotting.

Looks like things are going well at your end :slight_smile: Beautiful!!
Would love to see the progress when they go in to bloom.

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Hey Kumasi, your humidity is fine and could even be higher. Don’t worry about that. I would highly recommend you purchase the led ufo I linked above, or something very similar. This ufo has an internal fan, and doesn’t get hot at all. 200watts is perfect. Don’t worry about heat with the ufo I have. The big Chinese made ufo you have doesn’t have an internal cooling fan, which is the reason it’s hot. I’d go with foxfarms ocean forest. I didn’t feed my girl anything for a month except ph’d water. That soil has everything your new young plant needs. Keep us posted


Sadly brother, I had to take her down. She was too big and started to overpower my living space. She grew really easily and was a trooper. But rip delicious candy. Now all I have is my ww x bb (white widow x big bud. Hopefully my grobo does it’s job and gives me a harvest. Sometimes you have to sacrifice for the greater good. Love my soul grows, but I’ll have to wait till I get a house where I can indulge all aspects of growing.

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Nice grow :+1: @Osage just curious on why you didn’t have some sort of tent for your plant and why it was left in the room without being enclosed in something because im sure its more highly exposed to getting pest. Also you should’ve just flowered outdoors if your plant grew too large that way it wasnt a waste of time and effort. Just had to share my input and thoughts on it but looks awesome :sunglasses:

Purely economics my friend. Have two tents :tent: but sadly they are both too big for my space. I would have had to buy another, not a bad thing, just don’t have the :moneybag:. Also even if I lived in a house where I could throw the plant outside I would have had to build something to house it under as I live in a super rainy region, and also it’s only in the mid 50’s during the day and colder at night. In short she would have died a slow and painful death any of the ways mentioned. So I took her down humanely. Rip delicious candy

Yeah i hear you bro @Osage now that makes sense why outdoors isn’t even an option for you. In the area I’m in it is still very hot and sunny out most of the time. But I bet your delicious candy would’ve yielded quite a bit too judging by the size of each bud site.