Smoke report-1st grow Mazar Kush

I have to admit I smoked some before curing was done. I couldn’t help it! I re-weighted the buds after they cured and got 25g. I’m sure I smoked a few grams before it was ready. So, I got about an ounce.

I always look for heavy hitting Indicas. This Mazar Kush did not disappoint. After 4 weeks of curing the cannabis still smells like juicy fruit gum and fruity pebbles. The taste is very fruity. Lots of berry notes with a nice hint of pine.

This strain is kind of a “creeper weed”. I took a few hits and felt it almost immediately, however, it did not hit as hard as I thought. Upon the 3rd hit, about 20 minutes later, I realized I had no pain and a somewhat very focused high. After the 4th and 5th hit it became narcotic like.

Excellent medical strain.