Smh repair already

Has anyone had to replace the cpu board under the wood panel? How the he’ll did u get the screws out? This is crazy that I have do this on this unit I just turned on in June and paid over 2k for starting to get a little worried about this purchase


Yup. Did they not provide you with instructions yet

Yes pretty simple instructions but i can’t get the board to budge these "stand off screws " or whatever there saying pull on and it should pop up. Not working been trying to call but the call keeps dropping… @Todd.grobo what screws was on your unit when u had to do your repair?

So after a struggle I finally got it off and replaced but still no led indicator light

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Did you reconnect it?
Did the cord come lose, its a little led

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Hey @Farmercuetical,

I hate to see a repair needed this early, but know that we got you. Thanks for the feedback on the repair guide, I’ve passed it along to the team to improve and be more clear on how to pop that new board in place.

The support team will have a couple more troubleshooting steps for you tomorrow, hang in there!



Reconnected everything as it was everything appears to be normal except the led indicator light is still off


Glad you got it off. The light is the worst besides the reservoir. You got the most technical one down now though. So theres that