Smells, stinks, and STANKS remedy

So as my planet advances through the stages, the house starts to smell real nice. But I would like to be a little more discrete. There is a carbon filter on the grobo but the smell leaks from the sides of the box. Seems like something was missing. Like a fan on the outlet side that could pull the air through the filter instead of pushing it through with those 2 little fans on the back. So I went to the hardware store. Spent $60 and This is what i came up with. Bolted it with the 6 top existing screws with washers. The smell is gone. I bought a carbon canister that fits on top fan just in case. It’s Nice and fresh in the house finally. Not one smell. :metal:Lol I hope this helps someone with the same issue. It’s a little sloppy wish i could’ve done better. @groboengineers help us out. Lol I think we need another strong fan on the outlet side.

![image|375x500] b(upload://bAUNLfxUwXFg5SfwmHEfWlST90l.jpeg)





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Can you help me better understand the fan part! Where did you get the fan and where is the exhaust going? My understanding is one fan on the back is for intaking air the other for exhausting the air and you’ve covered them both up I’m just having a hard time understanding how fresh air gets into the machine and where your exhaust goes once you expel it

The 2 fans out the back are Intake. They force air up through the carbon filter On the top of the unit. The air flows past the led and out the top back of the unit assisted buy a long fan. The airflow is low so I added a fan to assist the flow through the carbon filter and led light. The negative pressure from the fan sucks air through the intake and all the leaks around the box, pulling it through the filter more efficiently

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The problem that I see is there is only intake fans. So some of the air goes through the carbon filter and the rest leaks out the sides of the box. Which leaves the house smelling fruity.

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If you feel like making another one of these units I will gladly pay you for the parts and your time. =)


I could help you with that.

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@KeefGreenLeef Replied!

Final product.


Amazing, grower! A lot of us have been waiting for a solution to this issue for such a long time. Congratulations!


Good evening! This looks sweet! Do you have a list of exactly what I need? Thanks for your time.