Smell solution

My Grobo is shipping. Cant wait to get going! I need to hide the smell. I know that decent tents are close to smell proof (with Carbon filter etc.).

I am thinking that the easiest and most efficient way would be to put the Grobo in a tent. Has anyone tried this?

My space is somewhat limited, so it would have to be 30 inches by 30 inches.


I personally haven’t but I have seen members here post pictures of there Grobo’s in a Tent…

I think the only thing you would have to do is make sure you have a fan with carbon filter bring fresh air in and out of the tent to remove the heat


check out @SWSVIC’s system to reduce the smell, it’s awesome:

But I believe @SWSVIC mentioned that the system wasn’t able to contain the smell during the flowering stage of his grow


In addition to what @Aang said, also check out @SWSVIC 's latest grow. He combined that system with a tent and its insane.


Welcome to AG @Edward! Congrats on getting a grobo!! I, too, would eventually like to set mine up inside a tent. Smell is a concern, but keeping my teen out is a bigger concern so one thing at a time. Personally, I’m planning to learn to grow in my grobo, get teener out of the house, and hopefully by then have saved and learned enough to build a proper tent and grow additional plants. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck and let us know what anti smell measures you end up taking!

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Hey @Edward,

With a quality carbon filter, all smell can be contained when the door is closed… that said during late veg and flower, when you are trimming/training your plant there will be a potent smell and it will linger for some time. That said, there is a fix for this in the Ona Scent blocker w/ breeze fan. (See links below). I would typically use this only while working on the plant, it does an excellent job of masking the smell. I wouldn’t however recommend using it 24/7 as the scent while enjoyable is quite strong.

Ona ON10047 ducting