Smell abatement

So I’ve seen a lot of discussion of how best to reduce or eliminate odors. I’ve yet to see anyone talk about odor eliminating machines. I’ve purchased one and this thing will eliminate any smells that I’ve encountered so far. The problem is that it is a commercial ozone generator which turns out is not so good for you if you are in the same room while it is running. I’ve been looking at other devices that are not hazardous, and I’ve found this:

Anyone have any experience with these?


Air purifiers are nice but you’ll need carbon filters to scub out all that dank from the air.

From what I read on AG ona gel works well. I haven’t had any smell yet since my baby hasn’t budded, but I use ona in the room where I smoke weed and you can’t smell any smoke


I think I did read somewhere on here that someone had one of these, but I think they were still upset about the smell. I want to say they also had tried ONA gel and some air purifier plug-ins around the house and it wasn’t working.

A flowering cannabis plant is a very very strong smell and unless you stop it at the source with some kind of ventilation system, it’s going to permeate everything due to how deep and dank the aromas are


So much for odorless.

Thanks for the info.

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A very good air purifying “freshener” is Big D fogger. I haven’t tried using this to neutralize or to cover any cannabis smells but I’m a cigarette smoker and I’ve had my smoke in the house periods and out of the house periods. The last few years have been in the house, I know, get it out now if you must.

Anyway, Mom’s also a smoker and when my parents moved, a realtor friend recommended this. It works! Every time I quit smoking in the house, I use it to make the house fresh again, besides all the cleaning, lol, but it really does neutralize odors. Again, I have NOT used it to cover flowering cannabis. HowEVER, I’m a stinky smoker. I’m a heavy smoker, my walls turn yellow, the air smells stale, it gets in the rugs, in the furniture, coats the walls, sticks to the dust that needs dusting, so if I use it and someone can walk in my house and not know I smoke in it, the stuff works.

It can be used as a bomb style fogger or as an as needed spray (kind of).

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Have you checked this system out?


Thanks for the info. This seems like a bug fogger where you can’t be in the same room. That’s the issue with the ozone generator. That thing eliminated ALL odors in the room, but can’t be used when the room is occupied.

I’m going to give the fogger a shot. Thanks again.

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Holy cow that thing looks like it would work wonders. I’m going to have to into it. Thanks.


Yes, it works the same, set it on a piece of cardboard or whatever and leave for a bit, it’s very strong. You can also put a mask on an spray around the room - it’s not good to breathe just like


I remember one time I was trying to kill a spider and kept spraying the damn thing and it was above me so I was getting some fall back that I was breathing from the bug spray and not realizing it and next thing you know, I’m calling poison control not able to breathe!

You put the cap on upside down and press down to make it spray, you just don’t press down hard enough to lock it in place if you want to spray the room and not “fog”, kwim?

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