Small knats

Anyone experienced small gnats? I’m in late veg 5/14 . I noticed 2 small knats in my Grobo when I opened it up. How can I prevent this from happening?

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shower before going in it and do it in clean clothes
Id start your grow over and clean the unit

:flushed: wait what

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Start over because of 2 knats?


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Are pests invading your plant?

Pests can enter your Grobo by hitchhiking on your clothing or hair. If you are invaded, here are a couple solutions you can employ.

Predator pests - Lady bugs are a great addition to your garden as they will devour thrips & aphids, combating the population.

Foliar spray - You can purchase a miticide/insecticide soap that can be applied via sprayer to the leaves or make your own out of essential oils. Peppermint, cinnamon and garlic have been reported as successful. Neem oil is also an option if used in moderation.



I always have had a few gnats nats here and there and it never affected the grow. I think they are just attracted to the light.


You can use a small bowl of neem oil placed at the bottom of your grobo or right outside it to catch bugs.


Thank you! Just ordered it!

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Gnats really don’t affect the grow like other bugs… they are more annoying than anything … unless you let them populate your area … I have an ongoing battle with gnats but I use SLF100 and it’s been working so far … only issue I’ve seen with gnats are they might land on a lead with trichomes on it and get stuck

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