Small buds, rusty yellow leaves

Hey everyone, I’m on day 28/63 grow for girl scout cookies and things could be better I think. Gonna open a ticket to see if nutes are an issue but any other thoughts anyone


Looks like the leaves might be related to Bottle #5, which is mostly Calcium and Magnesium for the plant. Appears to be a deficiency to me.

Is your Bottle #5 dispensing properly? The plant also gets some of it’s Calcium and Magnesium from the Bottles #3 and #5 but this may not be enough if you are using distilled water.

I know that one time I noticed my #5 wasn’t dispensing, and it was because they thought my EC probe was dirty… or, for some weird reason it had detected “tap water” and this makes it not dispense.

The buds are still small, but they probably still have another 5-6 weeks left judging from how far along they are, so they will definitely change in time. Another thing to keep in mind is the height of your plant; the LED is more intense the higher up in the box your plant is, the lower it is the less intensity the plant receives from the LED light… Not much you can do about it to move the LED inside there, so this may end up meaning slightly smaller buds and taking a little longer than usual to ripen due to lack of light intensity.

However, if you don’t get the leaf situation under control the yield could potentially suffer quite a bit regardless.

Definitely send in a ticket to Grobo.

If it is not Bottle #5 or the lack thereof, you may potentially have a pH issue going on that is locking your plant out of nutrients.

How do Bottle #1 and #2 look? Have you noticed them being used much more recently?


Nice one thanks for the advice, ticket has been raised! I reckon you may be right. It looks to me like bottles are dispensing properly with 4 being used the most, closely followed by 3 & 5. Yep bottles 1 & 2 are being used more recently so looks like a probe clean is the way to go. Just to check, I’m guessing I can do this mid grow and all will be fine? Case of just draining the system, cleaning the probe and refilling? I’ve got the probe cleaning kit but not used it as yet and this is my first grobo grow. I noticed other posts say this should have been done before starting the grow but without the initial advice I just went ahead and began the grow after unpacking the unit


I remember some of the initial fan leaves also showed signs of these spots so probe probably needed a clean from the get go


Yeah I did the same thing with my grow, plug and play… turned out my probe needed calibrated anyway around day 12.

You don’t need to drain the system to clean the probe, just lift the lid and pull the probe out at any time. Should take about 15 to 20 minutes probably

If bottles 1 and 2 are increasing in usage that’s definitely a good place to start

Make sure you have the right probe, it should say Bluelab along the side of it, the other is the EC meter obviously