Slurricane IX - IHG - First Grobo Grow

Poked out Day 3


You threw the slurricane I. There by in-house?? Oh boy I hope she’s not a keeper pheno or you plan on cloning cuz those genetics way to valuable to just get a oz back


I have some slurricane #7 fem seeds from the Father’s Day presale that I’m holding onto


Hey @chris_barfield I intend to make several clones and have my supports in place to manifold inside the grobo.

As a beta tester I intend to extend veg a few weeks to allow for extra growth as I train her to be perfect. Targeting no less 8 colas and expect them to grow evenly and large. Should be interesting inside the grobo. The supports are not pretty, but I believe they’ll be effective.

Purchased the water chiller, pump and hose to control the water temps (don’t want to waste grows/time). Also moved the grobo onto marble tiles which are much cooler to the touch than the snap in wood flooring


Mine popped day four with minimal soaking.


I highly doubt you’ll be able to effectively manifold your plant in the grobo. Def not with 8 colas. Not enough room. Even four will be hard to get trained in that space efficiently. I’d simply make her my clone and manifold in soil in 5 gal buckets. Then you can do the job properly, and expect a certain degree of success. Good luck :four_leaf_clover::+1:

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I was thinking the same thing. Grobo much too small for that. And such a excellent, expensive strain. I would take it out of grobo and put it in a fabric pot. Get your monies worth.

Got plenty of seeds, I intend to find out. I think with a little ingenuity and a lot of attention it’s possible. A less than optimal crop is not the end of the world and it will be fun to see what is possible with the grobo. Space is not at all a concern as manifolding your cannibas actually saves space. I will be pushing the space to the limits with 8 colas so it will be an experiment and my only concern is the original T/Y tie down and it’s effectiveness w my in place supports and keeping the colas separate in the flower stage to allow air flow and even canopy lighting.

More to come





((#ThisOneToo))… :wink:


Day 8, temps both water and growbox are perfect. Ph is great, ppms good rh is low 70’s

Roots are already very long and well into the water. Grow is on schedule. 100-120 more days to go :mantelpiece_clock:

Everything going well so far. Supports in place. Made sure to add the naysayers to my journal entry :notebook::thinking::shushing_face::joy:


I haven’t checked my roots yet I’m always in bed when my plant light goes off and I don’t have a ppm monitor yet but, everything else looks good, temp and water good! Plant looks healthy and so does yours!!!


Timelapse setup…


Trying to find the rest of your blogs for this grow, or did it go south and this is when you got rid of the Grobo?