Slow vertical growth (white widow)

I am currently in day 54 and have extended late veg 3 week (currently in the middle of week three) I have been told that the bottom of the second fan is were I should be at before I start the 2 week transition. Is there a reason my plant is not growing vertically fast? And are there any tips to make it grow vertically faster? Here are some pictures

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Did you top her? Same happend to mine - But she is getting bushy.

Yes i topped her

yes i topped her

Some plants grow short & bushy depending on the strain.

Get to know your strain before planting so you know what to expect.

There are also several things that can slow down your growth.

Not knowing how long to be in a stage to make your plant taller.
My plant strain is short so I leave it in late veg until it hits the very top of the second fan no matter how many weeks it takes…

Plucking the Wrong Leaves
Defoliation is meant to open up the plant so more light can get in. This is accomplished by removing some of the fan leaves, and the fan leaves only! Pulling sugar leaves, or growth tips can mean less bud, lost bud and/or slower growth for that part of the plant.

Topping Too Early
When growing a cannabis plant and trying a new technique, the excitement is palpable! Unfortunately for us, plants – even fast-growing ones – don’t grow fast enough to quench our gardening thirst. This can lead to ‘over-care’ (aka ‘Too Much Love’) or starting techniques prematurely.

When topping a plant for manifolding…actually, when topping a plant at all, make sure to let it grow 6 nodes before cutting anything off. You can certainly do it earlier, but topping after your plant has grown six nodes means it will be stronger and won’t need as long to recover.


My plant was very slow going as well been in late veg for over a month. Had them take a look and my ec was off. Not that they fixed the issue it has been growing taller by the day. May submit a ticket just to take a look at your leaves

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Some of us myself inc don’t agree with the 2nd fan rule as depending on your strain you could end up with the plant too large in the unit. Yours looks good to flip to transition now she’ll shoot up promise